Some Shoe Collages

The first part of the shoe assignment is to do a quick collage of shoes you like the looks of.  You should do the collage in google drawing, and then to post it on blogger, you need to download it as a jpeg.

j peg Shoe Collage maleea j-page-001

Above is a collage by Ms. Meleea J.


Ms. Leyla S. did the collage above, I hope she didn’t mind I added a background.


Some First Animations

Below will be some first attempts at animation using google slides

Ms. Hailee did this niece jungle themed animation

Some First Drawings

Below will be some  drawings various students have done in graphic arts class.  although all students are new to using google draw, they are all doing amazingly well, I enjoy the class daily! These are great examples of the student work that demonstrates their understanding of how to use google draw.

The cats above were drawn by the amazing Ms. Leyla!


I believe the portrait above was done by Aiden S, great first drawing!

The above drawings were done by Daniel B, I believe.  I hope he did not mind me adding a background to a couple of them. 

The above drawings were done by the Emilee and Hailee.


The drawings below are a mixed bag from various people I need to attach names to.

john isk self portrait

leyla s

finnigah lyman

hello kittyconnor mcguirejude w


3re, 4th and 5th Grade Weaving



Her first piece of woven cloth!

Ms. Addison C was one of the first people to finish. Well woven, tied off, and done!

It might be small, but Jaxson did a pretty good job here.

Ms. Addison in 3rd did a great job here on her first woven piece.

I’ve taught weaving for quite some time.  Besides begin a nice activity for some, it adds to vocabulary with such words as loom, warp, weft, alternate, etc. It also gives me a chance to bring up the industrial revolution and point out that before machines all cloth was made by hand.

It starts with just wrapping string around a piece of cardboard.  The students have to measure every half inch to get the spacing right. This is called the warp of the loom.

Then it simply a matter of weaving a string over and under the warp, this is called the weft.


Looks like someone just getting started.


Here is someone cutting notches into a piece of cardboard to make a simple loom.


Pretty reasonable progress for just 2 days!

He’s really steaming along!

It definitely a group activity.

I believe this is 3rd grade.  This is the first time I’ve done weaving with all the third grades, going fine so far.

An almost finished piece

This is what the process looks like, students hunched over pieces of cardboard, string and yarn everywhere.

Nice peice, just about ready to remove from loom.

She did a great job here tyeing off and finishing the weaving.

Congratulations to Amelia W!

Congratulations to Amelia W!

An artist from amoung us at Bethel entered and won a prize in an art contest sponsored by the Tipp City Area Arts Council. 

Below is the wonderful picture of a butterfly she did.  Thanks to her parents for the encouragement and driving the piece in.  Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!



Mono-Printing, Fall 2017


I’ve started out every year with printmaking for the past few years now.  It involves paint/ink, making a mess and the potential to learn a new method of working and some new vocabulary.  We talk about mono printing, relief printing, and intaglio printing along with learning such words as, carve, brayer, plate, Plexiglas, ink, etc.

We start with mono printing

Here the students is applying the ink/paint.

Next is using the brayer to roll the ink out evenly

Here the student is just making a quick scribble because I’m taking pictures to show the various steps the student has to go through for the making of a mono print

In this step the paper is being laid gently down on plate with the design.

Then the pulling of the print.

Here’s the final piece.  It goes pretty quick and the students have to take turns going around the table.


This is a short vid of a a young student making a mono-print.



Origami Vids

From time to time I’ll send a kid to you tube to watch an specific vid about something they can make with folded paper.

I’m going to put them here, it’s easier for me to find.