Ms. Maddie Makes a First Pendant

Maddie showed an interest in sawing little bits of metal into shapes and I suggested doing a small initial pendant.  She cut out the sheet metal, did the necessary drilling for the piercing of the interior sections  and did all the cutting and filing required to bring it to the state you see here:

DSCN5482A reasonable close up shot of the piece.  It looks better in real life.

DSCN5485This is a pic of the artist herself wearing the work.  She did a great job!  I will post some more of her work as soon as she gets it to me.

Starting Out

Starting Out

A new year has begun and we started by drawing portraits of me, making various objects in clay, and mono printing.

DSCN5319Not sure, but I believe I’ve discovered who built Stonehenge..

DSCN5321…Because the other day Stonehenge appeared on a table around 2:15, or so.

DSCN5395edited alex catThe above cat portrait was brought in by Alex E.  He did a great job!

DSCN5322One half of the best 8th grade glass ever.  But where is Molly???

DSCN5323The other half of the best 8th grade class.

DSCN5324And yet another half of the best 8th grade class ever.

DSCN5318They could not keep the snowman,(a bit too thick) but I wanted to take a quick pic.

DSCN5316Everybody looks to be working intently

DSCN5317Ms. Josie made a lot, she’s always busy!

DSCN5315Lots of activity.

DSCN5288He seemed to have a plan, although i can’t remember exactly what is was at the moment.

DSCN5289Mr. Adam C. was a ceramic factory that never stopped!

DSCN5290Quite the look of concentration.  I hope she’s ok with the pic.

DSCN5291I think this is Mr. Howie, making a cave.



A little blurry, but the figure was nicely made.


Still working on the pics below, but generally we start with the mono-printing and that will lead to block printing which will lead to potato printing.  I start with printmaking because of the inherent motivation in the process.  The students learn such concepts as repetition, brayer, printing, printmaking.  It also starts off the year forcing the students to cooperate, take turns, and help each other

DSCN5296It was mono-printing day.  To most of the students it’s know as finger painting.

DSCN5297More pulled prints

DSCN5298Step two  is laying the paper down on the plexiglass with your paint already in position.

DSCN5299Step three would be pulling the print from the plexiglass.

DSCN5300Step four would be holding it up to show me the print!

DSCN5301She looks into the process!

DSCN5292If you asked the student he should be able to tell you the tool h is rolling the ink out with is called a “brayer”.

DSCN5293Just a nice group shot.



I believe the above shots are Ms. Roll’s class. This particular week was mono printing to be followed by block printing.

Springtime Shoe Project


Well… it really wasn’t meant to be a shoe project but more a project to explain fashion and industrial design.

But a lot of students’ chose shoes.


Notice the pensive, thoughtful look on their faces, nothing could be farther from the truth.


The work in action!


Justin’s first sketch.


Harrison did a great shoe inspired by……


I’m not sure what inspired the sketch of the Obama shoe, but it looks nice.