Sandal Making

This is from the last month of the 2016-2017 school year.  I’m leaving it up for the summer because I like what the student did! This will off the front page and deposited into the regular posts once the 2017-2018 school year starts.

I’m always saving stuff that glitters because I see many young children that like that sort of thing.   So I find this roll of green mesh fabric that has glitter embedded in it.

This is the roll of stuff.  I personally didn’t care for it because it kept leaking glitter as it was handled, I almost threw it away.

So the student take the insoles out of a shoe or maybe it was pad in a shoe, she grabbed some tools,  and proceeded to punch holes in it.

She rolled the fabric into a rope/tube, poked  and pulled it through the insole, added some knots…

…and made a wearable sandal!  I take no credit other than staying out of the way. She got no help from me.  But I could not have been more pleased to see a young student grab materials and tools and bend it to her will.

She wore them out of the room!  What a great project from a great kid!  I really need to do this with a class.




We are coming to the last days of school so…

First, check gradebook to see what you’re missing.  Currently it looks like quite a few people are getting Cs and Ds and a F!  THIS SHOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE!   You can make up work, re-do a previous assignment or talk to me about something to do to improve your grade. I will accept work up through the last week.  If on a weekend,you can share work  via my e-mail or just show it to me in class. If you want extra credit you can re-do a previous assignment or see me!  There is no reason not to get the grade you want!


That being said….

In graphic arts we study and learn to make images intended to be used.  One of the subjects I assigned the other day was a quick research of the the “Hello Kitty” image. The students found out it was an image drawn by a woman, Shimizu for the Sanrio corporation, who owns the image.  Another part of the assignment was to draw some kitties  using  the paint/draw program of their choice and a 16 bit program.  The images below are from that assignment.




The cats  cats were drawn with a few different draw programs and then pasted into a google doc, all done by the most wonderful Ms. Amber C.

At time of this writing, the above paragraph, is for some reason underlined, I tried to change html, but it keeps reverting-I’ll have to fix this later!

Mr. Casey K did a great job with a simple cat drawing and a photo background.

Ms. Avery did a nice, painterly approach to drawing kitties here.

Books and Boxes

This particular day we were making books.  This is a good example of of a young fairy princess visiting my class.

This is an example of a small folded book.   Somewhere I learned how to fold a piece of rectangular into an eight page book.  Weirdly, they same folds, with slightly different cuts can be turned into a box.  See below

Above is the boxes that are basically the same folds as the book mentioned above. I recently figured this out.  I’ll put a post up with the instructions eventually.


Below are some pictures of the small books we made.  Some were folded, some where held together with little brass fasteners/rivets. I tried to hide the staplers so they would be forced to do something a bit different.  I figured they had stapled paper together before and called it book.



Below are some pictures of boxes  that use basically the same fold as the book above.  It a fun project.  The older students make stuff with the boxes in a modular fashion and the young kids learn to fold paper in half accurately.

Might be the smallest yet!

This student worked quickly-all this was done in a 1/2 hour period.

They bought this back to finish the large basket.  Next year I will do this project before Easter so the basket idea can be incorporated.

Another wonderful student who worked  fast-she knocked these out quickly!