First Attempts with Youidraw

This page is a collection of first attempts using the online program of youidraw.


Ms. Kylie B. did the one above as part of the design a personal logo assignment.



exportTyler M. did great job on a first landscape using Youidraw.

exportLooks good Mr. Nolan!




Trent S. Did a great first one here!  I like the nice variations and changes he made from the tutorial.

Graphic Arts First Portrait


In 7th grade Graphic Arts class one of the assignments we’re currently working on is doing self portraits.  This is one of the first ones turned in.

my-self-portriatGreat job Trent!

untitled-drawingHere’s Dylan F.’s, I like the free form border, it looks ‘kinda painterly.

self-portrait-for-graphic-arts-payton-bassMs. P decided to do one in disguise

kaleb-derouen-p2-teach-tayseA nice drawing by Mr. Caleb.

nolan                                                      NOLAN FOR PRESIDENT




2nd-asli-pngMs. Asli did a great one, another nice, painterly approach.    

casey-keesee-self-portraitA vision of aesthetic wonder created by the most illustrious Casey K.


sami-mohammad-self-portraitSami M. did a portrait of himself floating over his backyard pool, he’s got a lot nicer backyard than me!

trever-delamater-self-portaitA tropical background first portrait by Trever D.  

copy-of-donald-trump-vs-hillary-clintonNot exactly a self portrait, but I thought I’d put it here for general class viewing.   This would be drawn by Drew W.

eli-drawingI like the background in this one, Eli. S. did this.

ethan-w-1Ethan W is responsible for this one.

drawing-gabryelle-lammmersMs. G. did this portrait of herself, the glasses came out great

lukes-faceLuke did the robot self robot, it looks good!

carters-drawingI like the color choice Carter made here.

self-portraitA nicely colored fall portrait by Ms. MKenna B.


This portrait is by no means meant as an endorsement! I like the drawing the student did though, Mr. Omar A. did this.  He has consistently done some amazing work so far this year!


Nico did a nice, thick lined, comic sort of look on this piece.

zane-dab-animationCameron B. did a nice pose here.      


Ms. Avery is responsible for this one, it has a nice painterly look and a ‘kinda Golda Meir look to me!     

Potato Printing


I do printmaking every year.  It has a lot of potential  for concepts and vocabulary, like: relief, intaglio, brayer, reverse, repeated, etc.

dscn6601Above would be a good example of a repeated, random design done with a potato. It looks like the she successfully gouged a rough circle shape out with a spoon and did the process with no personal injury!  Yay!

dscn6583This is what the table looks like when we are doing potato prints. Pretty messy, and the room smells like potatoes in various stages of decomposition.

dscn6584A great example of an orderly repeated design.  This one was done with a scrap of styrofoam. 
dscn6586Here a student combined various shapes and printed a face.

dscn6587Halloween has already started for this student, he subject matter for printmaking was jack-o-lanterns.







dscn6580Here the student is using a clay tool to carve the potato.

dscn6596They wanted to hold up their work together for the picture

dscn6597She didn’t really have a stop button for work today!



dscn6589I was trying to take a picture of her working and told her to hold still, of course, she looked up!  Cute pic, though.

dscn6590Carving a potato for the first time is a mysterious process, hence the look of confusion on his face.

dscn6591I didn’t really want them to use a brush, but it was probably laying there looking neglected.

dscn6593Here is a shot of the completed print and the block he carved himself and used.

dscn6594Actively involved is always important!