Jr. Hi Play-2015

DSCN5555The shot above is one of the Abby’s stabbing styrofoam with a kitchen knife and carving it into Dr. Seuss inspired bushes,  she will be painting them later.

So the next play is Seussical.  The Elementary art department, along with a few Jr. Hi students and one(Ms. Abbey) is doing all the backgrounds and set decorations for the play.  This is my second time doing this, so It’s still a learning experience for all involved.

DSCN5556Ms. Karley is painting a Dr. Seuss inspired background poster in the above picture.


Here is Ms. Jordan painting the large background.  It’s her first time working from a ladder and painting on a large mural.  It looks great so far!

I Got An Award

I rarely get awards, so this one is special:

DSCN5517Not to be confused with some printed out award that everybody gets for attending a workshop or completing a masters degree.  This award is a one-up, given only to me!

DSCN5518Done on veneer, on a lumber core,(Just like they did in Old Dynasty Egypt) the reverse of the award depicts myself and a student.   This serves to document why and how the award was given.

I couldn’t be more proud!

Ms. Maddie Makes a First Pendant

Maddie showed an interest in sawing little bits of metal into shapes and I suggested doing a small initial pendant.  She cut out the sheet metal, did the necessary drilling for the piercing of the interior sections  and did all the cutting and filing required to bring it to the state you see here:

DSCN5482A reasonable close up shot of the piece.  It looks better in real life.

DSCN5485This is a pic of the artist herself wearing the work.  She did a great job!  I will post some more of her work as soon as she gets it to me.