Painting and Drawing Still Lifes


So winter was dragging on and I thought my students needed to paint something a bit cheerful and colorful.

pics 1.29.15 038So I was thinking still life’s. It’s been an acceptable fodder for artistic creation for 1000+ years, and, as such, useful and hopefully entertaining for my students.  I decided to do it with all ages and so composed a note home to parents requesting objects suitable for still lifes.

pics 1.29.15 001This is how it started.  I pushed all the tables into the middle and sat the students around the tables.  I then put various items along the middle of the table.

pics 1.29.15 009Just like this.  Some students used chalk..

pics 1.29.15 010And some…

pics 1.29.15 022used watercolor.

pics 1.29.15 006A happy participant



pics 1.29.15 015Here’s a nice composition.

pics 1.29.15 020

A nice black and white dry brushed painting came out well.  I’m not keen on the red heart addition.  a lot of times when when I’m painting with younger students I’ll have to pace about to stop them from not stopping painting and adding stuff that really does not help the piece.  Of course, this is my own opinion, they(the students) would think I’m being a bit stodgy in my own personal aesthetic framework.


Thanks for Everything!

I’m 60 and the most wonderful people a person could work with decorated and left various things in my room.  I got cupcakes and cookies from Ms. Wolford.

I also got a hat from Ms. Griffith and a few other teachers.  Some of the  various items on the hat seem to be working.  Like the wrinkle cream, I got more wrinkles now.  the hair restorer does not seem to be working yet, but I will not lose hope yet.


Paper Mache-2015


Paper mache has started again with the 7th grades making a more bas-relief piece and the 8th grades making a more sculptural piece, with a 17 inch balloon being the basic armature.

PICS 1.14.15 017Here’s how it starts, kids blow up the balloons and start laying paper dipped in wall paper paste on a balloon.

PICS 1.14.15 021This picture does not rally convey the full chaos of the room.  25 8th graders bumping into each other, mixing wall paper paste, dipping paper strips in and then trying to get it to cover a balloon.  Needles to say a few always break, much to the surprise and delight of many.

pics 1.29.15 051Here you can see some taking shape with large additions(horns, ears, who knows?)

pics 2.5.15 067

A nice shot of my 7th graders with their mask almost completed.

pics 2.5.15 073

I believe this is Ms. B inside the big teal head.

pics 2.5.15 074

Ms. C. is doing a great job on her large head.

pics 2.5.15 076

An action shot of big scary head being completed.

pics 2.5.15 072

This is how the sculptural additions are usually done.