Graphic Arts


For Friday, 9.20.19

Here’s the next assignment, some questions about Pixar, and some drawing. 


Here’s the next assignment, for 9.18.20, on a google doc.


Assignment for 9.16.19

Look at either of the two vids below:

The panda one

Southpark character

You can make either one or come up with your own character.  Copying from the ones above is the easiest.  Each one teaches different things. If you want to do your own animal or character, you can do that and use the ideas and techniques in the vids to make your own.

Each character or animal, needs to have a face with details, a body, simple hands, etc.

The panda might be a bit easier to follow, certainly the vid is shorter.  Notice how different the illustrations look.  One is more drawn and another is more like assembling blocks of color.  Both are good examples to work from.

Another quick graded assignment: After you have done your personal collage you need to install it as a background or a feature picture on your blog.


Assignment for 9.11.19

Your next assignment is to make a  personal interest collage.  Start by opening up google draw and setting the page to vertical, not horizontal.  You’re going to use it on your blog.

A personal interest collage is where you find images and words, like song titles, books, etc., and paste them into a drawing. The page is to be completely filled, at least twenty images or text blocks.  Maybe try some different shapes. You can insert pictures into shapes like circles, triangles, or any shape that you can make in google draw.

Here is another assignment for a grade you have to enter your blog url into a google doc.

If the above is a problem, paste your blog’s url into a google doc and share it to me.

If that’s a problem, ask to type it in on my chromebook.


Assignment, for 9.6.19, on google docs about info-graphics


Share your self portrait, this is a graded assignment.

Some of you have already done this.  Just open up your self portrait and use the share button to share it to:  If you don’t know how to do this ask another student or ask me.


This will take you to the block letter assignment.


Assignment for 8.27.19 through 8.29, maybe longer

  1. Figure out how to use the camera built into the chrombook.
  2. Take a picture/portrait of yourself. If you don’t know how, google, “how do I take a picture with a chromebook” or some such phrase.
  3. Put on headphones and watch the following 



To really use the ideas contained in the vid, stop and start it when you need to fully understand 

Then try working through making your own portrait using the ideas contained in the vid.  Watch it one time completely through. Then you will have to start and stop the vid quite a few times to follow all the directions to get your self portrait.  The first time you do this it can be difficult. This project will take a few days, so take your time!

At this point you should have turned in a syllabus, done a page of lines with text showing me what lines you’ve done, and a photo with an inserted word balloon/callout. a google draw page of 5 objects, and a Hello Kitty Assignment.

Here are some self portraits from last year’s Graphic Arts Classes


For Monday, 8.26.19

yoko shimizu

How did this lady make a million dollars?

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Here is the assignment on a google doc.


For Friday, 8.23.19

Yesterday we explored a bit of google draw.

first drawing

What you did may have looked like the above drawing done by ?

Today you are to finish the lines and shapes and make sure you put a photo with a word balloon(google calls a word balloon a “callout”) ‘Kinda like what I did below, except I used a portrait of me, you can pull any image you want off of google images.

pixel portrait with word baloon

After you have finished up with the previous assignment I want you to open up a new google draw and draw five things. You pick them.  Maybe a cat, dog, rocket, food, really, I don’t care, it’s up to you. Think simple.  


For Thursday and maybe part of Friday, 8.22.19-8.23.19

Let’s work with google draw.

Open up drive-click on the multi-colored  plus sign at the top left-that will open up a dialog box-move down to the “more” at the bottom-this will open up another dialog box-to the right-then click on the word “drawing”

Congratulations to you! You’ve just opened up google drawing. Go up to the left and give it a title that includes the date and maybe a short name, like….uh….2nd assignment or whatever?

Use each line tool and then use the insert option to name the lines. Here’s an example You’ll have 7 lines.  Then try inserting 5 shapes, you don’t need to name them.  Fill three of the shapes with color. 

Find a photo of something, get it to appear in a google drawing (there are lots of ways of doing that, download, save as, insert image, copy and paste…) then add a word balloon, it’s called a “callout” I believe in google draw, it’s under the shapes category. I did an example above.


Assignment for Wednesday, August 21st.

Welcome to  your first day in Graphic Arts!

Your first homework assignment is to take home the syllabus and get it signed-hopefully you’ll do that.

What? You say you misplaced your syllabus already and need another copy. HERE IT IS

Your 2nd assignment is/was to look up and define fashion design, industrial design, graphic design, and what is an engineer. That’s five words to look up and define. If your definition is over 10 words, you’re probably working too hard!  You should have done this as a google doc, although some may have had to hand write this.

After that you are to find and open up google draw and use the draw and shape tools. We’ll talk more about that in a bit. 


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