Graphic Arts

New assignment for 9.21.17

You’ve now done one animation. a lot of money is made each year by graphic artists you work in the field of animation.  Let’s do some research about one company of graphic artists who do animation in movies, that would be PIXAR.  Answer all the questions below in short simple sentences. Please answer the questions by  cutting and pasting the questions into a google doc, and then answer the questions in red right after or right below each question.


Example: Who is responsible for starting the Star Wars Movies?  George Lucas started the Star Wars movies


1. Who, or what company started Pixar?

2.Who, or what company took over/bought Pixar?

3.Who eventually bought Pixar and how much did they pay for it?

4. What is the average amount of money made on each Pixar movie?

5. When did PIXAR start?

6. What was the first feature length movie PIXAR produced?

7. About how many people work at PIXAR?

8. In what state in PIXAR primarily located?

9. What is your favorite PIXAR movie?

10. Why do you think it’s your favorite?

Copy and paste this into a google doc and answer the questions in red.



The animation below was done my the wondrous, Ms. Tessa R!


The red list below what is what you should have finished so far.   Your  next assignment will be to animate a google drawing by importing it into google presentation.  Something(s) should move across/around the page!

To make sure you get a nice smooth speed and the slideshow auto plays when someone hits the link, watch the vid at 11 minutes, 45 seconds.

Here is the first Animation done by the amazing Anthony H.

This is the link to the first vid to watch to try animation in google drawing/presentation. I’m posting the link just in case the embed link does not work. 

Here’s another link to watch for how to animate with google presentation.

1. First day, lines shapes, text box

2. Helllo Kitty research, drawn image with google draw, 3 examples, cut and pasted in different sizes

3.Syllabus turned in

4. Self portrait, 2 examples one with color background, one with photo background

5. All September work put into one file, in google drive,  with the title September Graphic Art


So, by now, you should have turned in/finished a syllabus, first day  drawing, research about Hello Kitty, a drawing of a kitty(or whatever) copied and pasted in three different sizes, and be just about finished with the portrait(with 2 different backgrounds.

For the week of September 18th-22nd

The next assignment is to try making an animated drawing in google drawing and google presentation.  I’m going to suggest a tree with leaves, because it will be easy to animate the leaves growing, falling off and changing color.  If you have something else you’d like to animate, you have to talk to me first and get me to agree to it.

Here’s some simple vids to get you started:

A vid of a man animating a skater in a skate park

Here’s a vid of someone animating a rocket going through space.


The hello kitty assignment is to write down the name of the graphic artist who first drew hello kitty and then find the name of the corporation that owns the hello kitty logo.



Assignment for 9.7.2017 through 9.12, maybe longer

  1. Figure out how to use the camera built into the chrombook.
  2. Take a picture/portrait of your self. If you don’t know how, google, “how do I take a picture with a chromebook” or some such phrase.
  3. Put on headphones and watch the following 

You are probably better off to click through to the Youtube page and hit full screen to catch all the details of what the instructor is clicking on to. 

Then try working through making your own portrait using the ideas contained in the vid.  Watch it one time completely through. Then you will have to start and stop the vid quite a few times to follow all the directions to get your self portrait.  The first time you do this it can be difficult.  This project will take a few days, so take your time!

At this point you should have turned in a syllabus, done a page of lines with text showing me what lines you’ve done, and a simple drawing of anything recognizable.  A lot of people drew cats, but you don’t have to!  Copy the same image you did 3 times and make sure they are all a different size.


Here are some self portraits from last year’s Graphic Arts Classes





The first homework is bringing the syllabus signed by a parent, If you misplaced the copy you got in class, click the link and get another!

This will be the new Graphic Arts page for 2017-2018!

Assignment for 9.6.17: If you do not turn in the signed syllabus your homework grade will be less than 100%.

Yesterday, you should have opened up a google draw doc and used and labeled each line.  That means you will have used the insert text tool and the line tool.  You probably also inserted some shapes.  You are to have that doc up so when I walk by with my gradebook I can give you a grade for your first assignment.

Today we are going to learn a bit more about the line and shape tools and draw some stuff.  We are also going to learn about setting up the screen in various formats, like portrait or landscape to start. 

But first look up a definition of graphic arts and put that into a doc along with looking up the graphic designer who first drew “Hello Kitty” and finidng out the name of the company that currently owns the image of ‘Hello Kitty.






This page was originally for the  2016-2017 and is going away.   It will be located HERE for future reference, and/or you want to see what was done last year














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