Graphic Arts

All assignments as of 4.24.19

Here’s a link to the google doc where I wrote this, if you want something you can print easily

Examples are on the wall, to fully understand the assignment you will need to listen to the me and look at the examples, if you need it repeated, see me during class, during hive, or stay after any day you’d like. I’m pretty much here till at least 4:00 every day.  


  1. Draw a kitchen


  1. perspective research on line and 8, quick, sketches


  1. 2 stairs and 2 examples of isometric cubes stacked up, one with details.  You were to trace a rhombus I provided you, it looked like the q-bert game online.  


  1. One block stacked, one row of 3 blocks, and one stack of 3 blocks, all shaded in.


  1. Parent note stating you are to have a ruler and a pen.


  1. Draw block and make them look like a city with the addition of details such as doors and windows.


  1. Room interior with 5 objects, shaded in.


  1. Kitchen floor plan.  You were to do this as homework.  You are to make a floorplan of your kitchen.  I gave everyone a handout and if you lost one there are more on my desk, or hit this link.


  1. Examples are on board and online.  Draw a box/cube in all 4 corner of a piece of paper, then, in perspective, draw more going towards the center of the page.


For the next approximate 2 weeks we will be going to the art room


For 4.5.19

Go to google images. Type in the search term, “simple kitchen drawing”

Here’s what I came up with , when I type in the term.

I want you to draw, on paper, one of the examples of a kitchen. Doesn’t have to be an exact copy.  Not a flat, frontal view of a kitchen with nothing but right angles.   Draw something that shows depth. Something that uses perspective.

Draw lightly, then darker when you are sure the line goes there!

If you want 100%, use a ruler.  Shaky and wiggly lines show me you didn’t use a ruler.

Here’s some examples that some students did a few years ago.

You are to spend the whole class on this, so take your time! You got 40 minutes-what are you doing just sitting there????

Next Monday, April 8th, we will be meeting in the art room.  Bring a pen. pencil and a ruler.


For 4.1.19

Druer perspective luteAlbrecht Druer, trying to figure some perspective stuff out

Some of you might have started before break.

Starting now, we are going to be studying perspective.  Perspective can be a method to depict depth in drawing and painting along with being an interesting study in itself.

Here’s the assignment on a google doc.

There is a lot to do in the above assignment, so take your time, read through carefully!




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  1. I hope your wife feels better. Tell her we are all wishing her good luck!! Thanks, It was cataract surgery, so not a life threatening sort of thing, see you soon!

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