Graphic Arts

FOR MONDAY, 5.29.18



For Tuesday, 5.22.18, Your Favorite…

This will be done as a webpage, using google blogger.   Your are to create a webpage about something you like.  This could be a pet, a game, a person, a car, a restaurant,  just about anything, really.  I’m personally thinking cars or pets, I’ll leave that up to you.

You are to have five pictures and 5 sentences about, or relating to you favorite thing.

Check your grade on Schoology!  Many are missing assignments, if you finish something outside of class, share it to me!

The easiest way to turn in your assignments is to turn them in on Schoology or put everything you’re dong in your May Graphic Arts folder and share it to



Go to Google webstore, screenshot,  It’s called the Playstore on an Android phone.

Download/install  the extension for doing a screen shot called, “Fireshot”. It has a  image of a laptop and pc magazines best of 2013.

It will install an icon up in then upper right of the toobar.  When you want to use it, click on the icon, an “S” I think,  and use the capture selection option. After you’ve done that go to the save  icon, and save the image as a png or a jpeg to your google drive.

Something funny


A quick review of the past weeks assignments

1. Make sure you’ve done the 10 movies and 10, 5 sentence review web page.

2. Make sure you’ve sent/shared me a google doc that lists 5 reasons how having a website is a good idea.  The same google doc need to have the url/address of you website and two pages you’ve created.

3. Make sure you’ve composed a  webpage about the classes your are taking this year and a sentence about what you are doing right now, this week, in class.

4. Make sure you have done a webpage that has five of your digital drawings. They can be made in google draw, Youidraw, or Piskel.

5. Make sure you have designed 5 shoes from the shoe design websites and you have saved each shoe you have created with a screenshot. All 5 drawings need to
be in one google doc or one webpage.  If you want an example of the shoes being pasted into google docs, here is Colby’ s,    Make sure you do 5 drawings.

6. Make sure you have read the article about the head design person at Nike and have answered the 10 questions.

Check your Schoology grade to make sure you’ve got the grade you want!



For 5.14.18

Read this article, “Nike’s Chief of Design Doodles all Day. “ 

It also has a vid to watch, if you want.  I was amazed that Nike has over 1000 shoe designers working at their headquarters.  What did you think of the grass shoe soles?  Do you think it would work?

After you’ve read the article, answer  the questions I put on google docs

Make a copy of the questions, then  answer the questions directly below each question.  Use a red or blue to answer the questions.

Share the questions with me when you have finished them.


For 5.11.18

I’ve compiled some sites that let you design shoes.  You could do an internet search and probably come up with more. I’d like everybody to design 5 shoes and save each shoe you design as a screen shot, Make sure you have five shoes in drive then insert, upload, or cut and paste 5 shoes into google docs or drawings.

Here is the google doc with various design your own shoe site.

If you want an example of the shoes being pasted into google docs, here is Colby’s


For 5.10.18

Most students need to go check their Schoology grade, because many are missing assignments. Don’t let this be you, the assignments are so easy even I can do them!

What? You want a brief, incomplete, synopsis of what you should have done? I’m glad you asked. Here it is.

You should have recently completed: the 5 digital drawings web page, the 10 favorite movies web page, the ten favorite videos web page, the gifs webpage, and the google doc with the address of all the pages above and 5 reasons to have a webpage.

The next web page to complete will have a title of, “Classes I’m Currently Taking” or something like that.  You will list each class you are in and give a 3 line summary of exactly what you are currently studying in each class or something you remember doing in the class.

I also want you to go to your website dashboard, go to layout, go to the top, just under favicon, and add a “navbar” Try to pick a color that contrasts well.  No tall templates permit anav bar, if your does not have this, skip to the next thing below.

After that, Go to the box right under navbar and you’ll see a word called, “header” go to edit and add a picture to your header.  If you find a picture roughly rectangular, which you could make using google draw if you’d like, you can fill up the whole header with a background picture.

You can look at my test website and see a gif I borrowed from Ms. Emily that I uploaded to my header section.









For Thursday, 5.3.18

You are to make another website page that will have the title of, “My Digital Drawings”  or something like that.

Go to your google drive and find 5 drawings, your self portrait should be one of them,  and paste and/or upload them to your web page.

That’s it.  You don’t have to draw or make anything new just yet.

Here’s an example on blogger with just one photo, you must have 5 for this assignment.


For Friday, 5.1.18

You should have by now done a post/webpage with all of the gifs you’ve made and a page with 10 of your favorite videos.

Next, is to do an illustrated list of 10 of your most favorite movies, with at least 5 sentences about the movie and/or why you like the movie.  You will start off your review with a copied picture of the movie title, character, special; scene or the poster from the movies’ release. I’ll put an example below.


I saw the movie when it was first released in 1982.  It was before I got married and still read quite a bit of sci fi.  The movie is based upon a book by Phillip K. Dick, a famous Berkley, California Sci-Fi writer.  The movie, set in the future,  is about clones, referred to as replicants in the movie.  It’s also a detective movie with lots of great backgrounds, artwork, and interesting future problems that occur when you start making sentient people for slave labor with a limited life span.  It’s a great flick if you ever get the chance to see it.


You need to do 10 movie pics and reviews like the one above.  

Don’t forget the assignment on google docs where you paste in the url for your gif and favorite vids page.  You’ll also list 5 reasons why you think it’s important, or how you can use a website.   I did an example  below. 

Here’s an example on google docs.


For Monday, 4.23.18

Open up a google doc.  Make the title: your name and the words website address.

I did a quick demo blog using the same google blogger as you.  The website adress is:

Notice how the address I chose is followed by the ending suffix,  Your address will work the same way: the name you chose, followed by the

Also notice how I used hyphens between some of the words, you can do that in an url/web address, but you can’t use spaces.

Paste into the doc your website address’s

Then go to each page/post you’ve created and  paste each individual page/post address.  You should have at least 3 right now.

You should have a page and/or post for:  Favorite vids(should be 10), and a page of your gifs(should be at least 10) and one more page of your own choosing or just a page that says “test page”.

Also on the same doc write a short, no more than 5 sentences paragraph about why it can be useful to have a website. You can do this as a numbered set of 5 sentences if you’d like.

Here’s an example on google docs.


It’s Wednesday, 4.11.18 already!

I want to see if you can create a website.

Read This

Then, let’s see if everything is working.  Some students haev started their first website, so it seems like you can start a blog/website. I would suggest you watch some instructional vids or read some before you start, but maybe you just want to jump right in.

The first part of creating a website is to pick name.  Then pick a background/template, make a post, insert a picture and a vid.


Having said the above, check out this gif drawn by Galamotshaku, posted on Giphy. Notice the left to right symmetry, I bet he did this with the symmetry tool!

Don’t forget to finish the last set of gifs:  fire, rocket shooting, snowing scene, an explosion, a room interior, and the latest assignment, a bouncing ball and then put at least five gifs in one google doc or drawing.


Welcome to Monday,  4.9.18

As you finish the last set of gifs:  fire, rocket shooting, snowing scene, an explosion, a room interior, and the latest assignment, a bouncing ball.

I want you to organize your google drive.  all work you have done should be in the appropriate month and each month should be in your graphic design folder.


Your are to take all of the gifs you’ve created using piskel and put them in one long google doc or drawing.


Good morning-good morning to everyone!

Happy Friday, 4.6.18, to Everybody!  Check your Schoology grade and make sure you have completed all the assignments: fire, rocket shooting, snowing scene, an explosion, a room interior, and the latest assignment, a bouncing ball.

Play nice with the substitute.  Tell him or her they must leave me a nice note about the class, or no donuts!

See ‘ya Monday! 


Bouncing Ball Pixel Animation

This is another usual animation.  Just making something bounce across a frame. Use at least 25 frames and show something bouncing across the screen.  If you’r looking for an A, the shape must deform slightly when it impacts the ground.  Make sure to start with your ground and sky colors first, it will save you time and labor.

Some examples on google images

In the last week you should have finished making animations for: fire, rocket shooting, snowing, an explosion, an room interior, and the latest assignment, a bouncing ball.


For 4.3.18

The next assignment is to do a pixel drawing of  a room interior.  It could be your own bedroom,  a room in a castle(like a dungeon), a pet store, garage, etc.  Just draw any room interior and put some sort of minor animation in it.  You could do it in 3-d like the above, or draw with more of a flat look, like below.

By minor animation, I mean very little.  Most of your time should be spent on drawing a room.  Look at the on gif below for an example of small animation.  The moving fan, fish tank, computer screen, are good examples of small animation.



For 3.23.18  

For today, another stock-in-trade vid game image, you are to make a spaceship.  Maybe make it shooting, going through space, land somewhere, etc.  some of you did a spaceship taking off before, but I’m betting you can do better now.  The tutorial gif below has lots of good ideas.  This assignment must have at least 20 frames of something going on.

Nice simple spaceship with nice fire in the engines.

Notice how the artist, Mererios, above combined various elements to make a spaceship.


For 3.22.18

Your animation assignment today is to make it look like it’s snowing. The snow must be comning down from the top, for it to look like it’s snowing.   You’ll have a sky, ground, and a small house, or some kind of structure, trees, etc.,  along with acculumlatiing snow.

Draw the structure first and duplicate it 25 times, then you can go back to the first frame and start adding snow.  The example below should help.

Must have at least 25 frames.

I just thought of this, maybe it works. If you’d like to try your own house, you could go to google maps, grab a street view pic, edit it in google draw,  up load that to piskel, and then add the moving snow, that might work.  I’m curious if it will work, like I said, I just thought of it.

Some nice animation suggestions from Pixar.

12 principals of animation from Disney

Nice tutorial gifs on animation


For 3.19.18

Some of the explosions came out well, so lets try some fire next.  You might even go back and add fire to your explosion. Your assignment will be to make some sort ot pixel fire gif.  Might be a bonfire, a torch, a flame thrower, or a candle, it’s up to you.  Must have at least 20 frames.

Click here to see a nice tutorial  on making animations in games,

You’ll have to scroll down a bit, but it’s a very short, useful and informative.

The above gif is done by an artist by the name of Pedro Mederios.


For 3.18.18. 

Open up Piskel and make a gif of an explosion or a fireworks.  You could have something shooting into the air and then having it explode, you could have a volcano blowing up, or you could have a car or spaceship run into something and then going, “boom!”  Really, the choice is up to you.  If you want an A for this assignment you must have at least 2o progressive frames going ballistic.  Explosions are stock in trades for most vid games and eye catching advertisements, so this seems like something everybody should be able to do.

Notice the primary/complementary colors in the explosion above, it works pretty well.


Check your schoology grades, to make sure you’re getting the grade you want!  The end of the nine weeks is Friday, 3.16.18!


If you need extra time, you can stay after school, go to the computer lab during hive, or talk to me, we can figure something out.

If you’re done with the Piskel car you can start the walking sprite

If you’re wondering what we are doing next, it is to make a short gif of someone or something walking.  Here’s a short instructional vid of someone doing a demonstration of using Piskel to make a walking sprite.

Notice the way he duplicated the first frame after he had his character drawn. This is a great help and makes it a lot easier!



The Next assignment is to use piskel to animate a car moving across the page.  You must have a ground and a sky color so make sure to do those the first frame.  Any kind of car, any kind of backgound.

Here’s an example from last year.

You also need to make a folder for March work, it’s an easy grade, so do it first! 



Everyone should be finishing the Angry Birds/Rovio set of questions and doing the primary and secondary color assignment.

After you are done with the color asignment, you need to share it with me.



You should be done with the castle and rocket gifs by now.  To get the full grade you need to share them with me so I can post them.  Check your schoology grade to make sure I’ve given you full credit for all you’ve turned in.

The next assignment is about Angry Birds and a little bit of color theory. The assignment is located on google docs, which is here

Now for the first part of the project part of the assignment: Go make a gif using any combination of complementary and primary colors.  

Do an images search for”complementary colors designs”, “complementary color gif”, or “complementary colors op art”, if you need some ideas.

If you want some examples here are some from last year.


For 2.26 and beyond:

Check to make sure your grade is what you want in Schoology. Make sure you have shared your castle gif with me.  Instructions are below, included in the castle assignment.

The next few assignments are going to be preparing you to animate for game making.  We are going to use an online program called Scratch and/or Flow Lab

Next is to make a rocket and animate it either taking off with some fire or going through space.

Here’s a rocket taking off

Here’s one going through space

I would suggest you build your background first, that way when you copy from frame to frame, the background only has to be drawn once.  Then draw your rocket on top of the background.


When you are done with the castle animation:

But now we’re going to look at a graphic designer by the name of Susan Kare.


Do this in google docs:

Look up Ms. Kare and find 5 facts about her that apply to graphic design.  Like maybe, who’d she work for and what she is best known for.  Find 5 example of her artwork and paste them into the same google doc.

Read the article on Lifehacker about Ms. Kare and answer the following questions:

Copy and paste the following questions into a google doc

1. Who is her graphics  hero?

2.What was one of her “favorite experiences”

3.Name her favorite gadgets.

4.What software tools does she work with mostly.

If you read the article you should be able to fill in the blank for number 5

5. _____________ with my family is one of my greatest joys

After you’ve done the above, open one of your programs, I’m going to suggest youidraw-logo creator, or Piskel, or whatever draw program you like  and try drawing a variation of 5 of Ms. Kare’s icons or, BETTER YET, MAKE UP YOUR OWN.


For Monday, 20.18 Building a Castle

I made a few mistakes, can you tell me what they are?

Your next assignment using Piskel is to build a castle with moving clouds(2 or 3 is fine) in the sky.  This is to be built a frame at a time.  You are to draw a bit of the castle, duplicate it to the next frame twice, then continue to draw the castle, then duplicate the frame again, then continue to draw the castle. If all is going well it will look like the castle is being built up in front of your eyes.   If you need an example look at the links provided below, the “animated gif of a building going up” is a good example of what I’m looking for, except with a castle.  You don’t necessarily need a basement like this artist drew, but you do need to make your castle look like it’s being built a section at a time.

The build below is not a castle, but it’s a good example of how you will build your castle using Piskel.  If you duplicate each frame twice, as you build your castle, it will be less jerky, and more smoothly animated.  Make sure to save to your gallery in Piskel,  then export as a gif in to google drive, then share it to me at  

After you have done the castle the next step, and this will be a grade, is to share it to me  Follow the steps below:

When you’re done making your castle, yu have to share it with me so I can put it on the class website.

1. When you are signed in and have your castle gif open, look towards the right and you will see a small square with a mountain or some such in it, click that. It’s the export button.

2. After you’ve clicked the mountain symbol a box will open up giving you the ability to download it as a gif, but before you do that, go up to the top, where it says, “resolution” and change the size to 400  X 400.

3. After you click the download button it will go to your google/chrome downloads.

4. Go to your downloads, change the name to something with your name in it , the word castle, and the number 400.

5. Open or right click the file and you will see an option to share, type my bethel adldress in:  then hit send.

That should do it.  If you have any questions, see me during class or talk to another student.


For Tuesday, 2.13.18

By now you are working in Piskel.  If not go to the site, sign in and make five separate drawings.  I’d like you to draw:

1. a face

2. any food item

3. a rocket

4. car

5. any animal

They do not have to be very sophisticated, but all the images should be recognizable, and have at least 3 colors.    Your grade is based upon having 5 drawings in your gallery.

When I walk up to do grades, you open up your gallery in Piskel and if 5 drawings are there, you get 100% for this project.


For Friday, 2.9.18

You should be done looking at the work of Iwatani and Miyamoto.  You should have done the 10 facts about both artists and done 5 simple drawings based upon the work of each artist.  So next is…

I’d like to get started creating some pixel art using a new draw program called Piskel. You’ll need to sign up and create an account to save work, so do that first.

You can jump right in and try to create a simple sprite using Piskel, but I’d suggest watching a few you tube vids:

The one above is short and the next one is a series of vids and goes into a little more depth.

This one is the first in a series of 5 

Here’s a nice article on pixels and voxels,    Some beautifully rendered 3-d pixels,or voxels.

Check out this amazing bit of pixel art


For Thursday, 2.8.18

I want you to look at another graphic designer who made games.  Start a google doc and paste in 10 short facts about Shigeru Miyamoto.  Then, on the same doc, go find 5 examples of Miyamoto’s artwork and paste it below the questions.

After the above, open up what ever draw program you want and do 5 drawings based upon the artwork of Miyamoto.  You can copy no more than 3 and make up at least 2 of your own design on your own. If you want to make all of them your own designs that is even better!


For Thursday, 2.1.18  If you’re still doing your repeated design, skip this for now.

Part One  Toru Iwatani Facts

Today assignment is to look up some information about Toru Iwatani.  Write down 10 facts about him, then find 5 pieces of his art work and copy and paste them into the same google doc and label the assignment, ” Toru Iwatani”.   

For the 2 question below, use wikipedia

Two more questions to answer in addition to the facts above:

1. Where did Mr. Iwatani learn his skills to create games?

2. What did he fill his high school books with?  Then, describe what “that/it” is.

After the above you will  create Toru Iwatani inspired artwork:

Part Two

You can use whatever draw program you’d like.  You might want to look up another program to draw pac man.   I would suggest when drawing you cut and paste equal sized blocks into a ghost and a pac man shape to start, then draw some of your own images.  You are to have 5 drawings total in the style of Toru Iwatani, 3 can be copies and 2 have to be your own creation.  Make them on one page.

If you want some ideas, for making your own work, do a google image search for “8 bit images”.

Maybe look up what’s a “sprite” or maybe instead try “8 bit sprite”


January 18, 2018, WELCOME TO THURSDAY!

You’ve looked at a few different repeated designs now, so at this point the assignment is to make two separate, repeated designs using either google draw or youidraw.  You might draw your own elemement or use shapes that the various draw programs have to create your own repeated design.  Copy and paste will be your friend.

You are to do two of them, one of them has to be fully colored, the other is up to you.


January 17, 2018-We’re finally here!

We are going to do some work with repeated designs and patterns.

Just to get you started, here are some repeated designs from a previous year:

Older students

Younger students

Please go to this google doc for the days’ assignment.


January 3, 2018

Another year has started!  All we’re going to do is finish the small shoe sketches and then it’s onto the big shoe drawing.  It is to be colored in and inked up.  


Starting Thursday, December 7th, 2017 and continuing through December  15th

….and when we get back…


I will be final grading them Friday!  Look at your grade and make sure it’s what you want, you still have time to raise it if you’d like!

Look up and define, in your own, full sentences.

  1. Industrial design
  2. Fashion design

Look up one company that makes shoes.  I’m going to suggest Nike, it’s easy to find information.  But you could use Addias, Van’s, Puma, Reebok, etc., that’s up to you.

Then you will answer the questions below about the company you are researching.

  1. How much money they made last year?
  2. Who started the company?
  3. When did the company begin doing business?
  4. Then write any other 5 facts about fashion design, industrial design, or the company you are studying.

Same thing,  in your own, full sentences.

After you’ve done the above, do two collage page  of shoes you like, in each picture insert a text box and say very briefly why you like the shoe.

The soles of shoes are an important design element too!  Do one collage page of shoe soles that you like.

After you have answered the above questions, and made the shoe collage, spend the rest of the time doing sketches of shoes you like.  Use pencil or pen.  These will be used in making  a full size and larger than life size drawing of the shoe or  item you choose.

Your overall assignment is to design  a shoe.  You’ll design and draw the sole and you’ll design and draw a shoe from the side.  You’ll do a small sketch of the shoe’s sole and a side view in color and then refine the idea into a larger design/drawing. You will do a day of rough sketches and then 4 drawings in total of your design for a shoe.

Individual assignments break down like this. There will be more than 4 components to this assignment, the list below will be added to.

  1. Do the questions first, 6 of them.
  2. Do 2 collage pages  of shoes you like, with each picture a small text box saying why you like it.
  3. Do 2 pages of small sketches, let’s say 5 sketches of shoes on each page.
  4. Do one collage page of shoe soles that you like,  insert a text box to explain why you like it.

If you want to try another method of collage making you can try the site You’ll perhaps need to enable Adobe flash, but our compatriots down the hall assure me it’s fun.


For Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Look at the photo below of where you’re designing a mural to be placed.  Take that photo either as a screen shot, a right click paste, or a save as process. The choice is yours.

Put the photo into a google draw or  youidraw. Make it fill the page.

Redraw with the computer or print out the photo and redraw your design onto the printed photo.

After that, take a photo of your mural design, using the camera on your chromebook. All of the above should be placed into a folder called mural and that folder is to be placed into your December Graphic Arts folder.


This falls under the subject of graphic design somewhat.  He is a link to a young lady in Eastern Europe who designs cosplay/costumes.


For Monday December 4th, 2017

Above is a picture of a wall in the new Jr. Hi office.  Your next assignment is to draw using paper,pencil, pen, computer, etc., a picture or combination of pictures that you think would go well in the new office.  It could be a collage of pictures, or just one image.  It could eventually be painted on or done as a vinyl graphic.

  1. Think about 10 foot by 6 foot.
  2. Go to google images and do a search for Junior High School murals, Jr. Hi murals-sports, Jr. Hi murals music, or some combination of the words Jr. Hi and murals.  A lot of has been done and you might find some ideas to spark your own imagination.
  3. Open up google draw, right click on the photo above, click copy, paste the photo into the google draw you should have open. Print the photo, then draw your mural design on that.


For Wednesday, 11.29.17

You’ll need to complete your mind map first.  After that you’re going to look at what your interests and activities are and design a personal logo that reflects that. You can make more than one if you’d like.  My suggestion is to go to google images, type “personal logos” into the search bar and see what other people have done. You’ve looked at quite a few logos for various subjects now so you should have an idea as to how to proceed.

Your logo must reflect some of your current interests and activities that is in your mind map.


Assignment for Monday, November 27, 2017

You should be finished or almost finished with the 3 logos.  If you are done with that, the next assignment is to make a personal logo.  You should think about the imagery you feel would best represent you and make a logo depicting that.  The logo should have your first and last name as part of the design.  I post some examples and more details, but for now that should get you started. 


Assignment for Thursday 11.16.17

After  you’ve done the above you are to use youidraw creator and make 3 logos. One for food, wearables, and then one for a business or personal identity or cars or music  or….

More details are on Schoology

Interesting article on Under Armour and their logo

Interesting article about creating the Nike logo

Who is the guy below?  What company did he start?  He did pretty well for himself and his sons.

“The original version of the Vans skateboard logo was designed in Costa Mesa, California in the 1970s by Mark Van Doren at the age of 13.  The son of then President- and co-owner James Van Doren, Mark designed the logo as a stencil to be spray painted on his skateboards.  Initially introduced for the heel tab on an early Vans’ skateboard shoe, the Style 95, this original Vans skateboard logo is an important part of Vans history.”


Assignment for Wednesday, 11.15.17

After the above, to learn about youidraw logo creator:

Please watch this vid. He talks quickly (so stop and start) about using a different component of youidraw to make a logo. Make sure you click on the right icon for logo creation when you open youidraw.  You’ll have to have a few tabs open and  start and stop a lot, but the guy’s process and use of youidraw  in creating a logo is very instructive.

Don’t watch the whole thing, just watch the first 2 minutes or so and try the the cloud exercise!  After you’ve done one set of clouds.  Try making another set of clouds.  


For Tuesday, 11.14.17

Copy of this in google docs.

Open up a google doc and give it a title of “logo  research questions”  Copy and paste all the questions below into your google doc. Answer all questions, using red or blue text, in full sentences, immediately below the questions.


What is the name of the person who created the logo for “Hello Kitty”?

The Hello kitty Logo was designed by Yuko Shimizu


1. What is a logo?

2. Name 5 logos  Paul Rand created.  Copy and paste 5 logos Paul Rand created.

3. Who created the the Nike logo?

4. Who created the MacDonalds logo?

5. Who created the Apple logo?

6. List 5 products you’ve bought and the company that made them.  Copy and paste the logo for each product right below the list of 5 products and the company that made them.




The assignment for Friday, 11.10.2017 continued through Monday, 11.13.2017.  Next we will be studying logos and how to make them.

First, make sure you’re all finished with the 10 different flowers, maybe share 1 or 2.

After that, open up a new google draw and you are to make a collage of images that interest you.  Maybe it will be sports stuff, maybe your page will be about animals, cars….who knows?  Add a text box or two to explain your interest and/or choices.

Don’t know what a collage is? Click here for a Sports Collage,  a pet collage

Or maybe a photo collage.   You can make a collage about anything. Go make one about stuff that interests you!



The assignment for 11.2.17

We are going to start using another draw and paint program called youidraw

1. Go to the site, make sure you create an account using your bethelblsk account. I would suggest opening a new drawing, making one mark and then trying to save it so you don’t lose anything you’ve worked upon.  In theory, you can save it to google drive, or save it locally on the computer you have in your hands.  Just make sure you can save it and find it in google drive. No excuses if you discard or misplace a file and can’t show me for a grade. If in doubt, do a screen shot, instructions are below.

2. Then use a draw tool  to write your name and draw anything.

3.Next, use a paintbrush tool to write your name and draw anything.

4.After the above, paint a section of your drawing any color and use the eraser to write your name and draw something.

5.Then go through the process of saving it.  Before we invest any time in this we want to make sure everybody knows how to save their work.

If in doubt you can always do a screen shot of what you’ve done, if you don’t know how, click this and go read about it. There is no reason to lose any work if you follow directions!

After you have done the simple drawing and made sure you can save your work go watch a short vid on using youidraw and try making what the instructor is showing you how to make. After you’ve drawn the flower like the example on you tube, make up some of your own flowers and put them on the same page. Let’s do 10 flowers.

If you take one petal from a flower you draw, copy it, alter it by dragging or twisting it, then start copying and pasting that to make another flower,  it’s pretty easy to make 10 flowers!

Here’s the vid to watch


The assignment for 10.25.17-Making 3 Emojis!

Before you start making emoji’s, let’s do a bit of research.  Here are the questions on google docs.

When you are done with the questions,

1.Go to your Schoology account the the folder marked “Emoji Drawings” and start the assignment.

2.You will be using google draw to create 3 emojis, yourself, a teacher, and one celebrity, (sports figure, singer, actor, etc.).

If you’d like other options to create emojis,(like food, vehicles,  Halloween stuff, etc.) see me for approval before you begin. Start with faces though.

To make it easy, do a search for “how to create emoji’s” or some other similar search words to see what other people have done.


The assignment continues for for 10.16.17

We are going to continue doing stop frame animation.  Just keep adding frames.  Bring in some small toys or use your books, pencils, and general school supplies to animate.

Just click here to go to the google doc with all the information.

Let heaven and nature sing, we’re ‘gonna try doing some stop frame animation,  with a chromebook camera!

After you do the questions learn how to take a picture using the chromebook camera, then copy and paste that picture into google slides.

Make a folder that has the title of Graphic Arts October 2017, I’d probably write 10.10.17 Graphic Arts.  You can do what you want.  In that folder you should have the stop frame questions and your tree animation.


New assignment for 10.2.17

1. You are to draw a tree as it would exist in spring.  No leaves, just branches.

2. Using google draw and slides you are going to draw the tree budding and growing leaves larger and eventually turn the tree in an autumn tree with leaves falling off.  Minimum of 50 frames for a “B” grade, 75 for an “A” grade.

The more frames you have the smoother the animation.  You don’t have to change a lot per drawing, you could easily enlarge/grow leaves just a bit over 10 frames.  Last year one student ended up with 200 frames for one short animation.  A smooth movement, done by Disney professional graphic designers can include 24-36 drawings per second, just to look nice!

Below are two examples of  easy to draw trees.  Before you start I would probably go to “images” and look at some simple drawings of trees.

You could use the shape or line tools.  Don’t forget that you can change the thickness of all the line you create, the button is to the right of the line tool and gives you width in pixels.


New assignment for 9.25.17

Your are to find one PIXAR character you like and try to re draw it using google draw. After you’ve done that, try to do a simple animation using google presentation using the character you chose.  It does not have to be difficult, just move an arm, roll the eyes, move the mouth, etc.

But first make sure you have done the following:

1.First day drawing with line and shape tools.

2. Turned in syllabus

3. Draw one recognizable object, copy and paste it two times at different sizes, most people did cats.  Also, look up who drew the original “Hello Kitty”  image and what company currently owns the “Hello Kitty” image

4. Self portrait

5. All work so far in one folder that says,  September Graphic Art

6. Answer 10 questions about Pixar

All of the above 6 things should be in the September Graphic Art folder.


New assignment for 9.21.17

You’ve now done one animation. a lot of money is made each year by graphic artists you work in the field of animation.  Let’s do some research about one company of graphic artists who do animation in movies, that would be PIXAR.  Answer all the questions below in short simple sentences. Please answer the questions by  cutting and pasting the questions into a google doc, and then answer the questions in red right after or right below each question.


Example: Who is responsible for starting the Star Wars Movies?  George Lucas started the Star Wars movies


1. Who, or what company started Pixar?

2.Who, or what company took over/bought Pixar?

3.Who eventually bought Pixar and how much did they pay for it?

4. What is the average amount of money made on each Pixar movie?

5. When did PIXAR start?

6. What was the first feature length movie PIXAR produced?

7. About how many people work at PIXAR?

8. In what state in PIXAR primarily located?

9. What is your favorite PIXAR movie?

10. Why do you think it’s your favorite?

Copy and paste this into a google doc and answer the questions in red.



The animation below was done my the wondrous, Ms. Tessa R!


The red list below what is what you should have finished so far.   Your  next assignment will be to animate a google drawing by importing it into google presentation.  Something(s) should move across/around the page!

To make sure you get a nice smooth speed and the slideshow auto plays when someone hits the link, watch the vid at 11 minutes, 45 seconds.

Here is the first Animation done by the amazing Anthony H.

This is the link to the first vid to watch to try animation in google drawing/presentation. I’m posting the link just in case the embed link does not work. 

Here’s another link to watch for how to animate with google presentation.

1. First day, lines shapes, text box

2. Helllo Kitty research, drawn image with google draw, 3 examples, cut and pasted in different sizes

3.Syllabus turned in

4. Self portrait, 2 examples one with color background, one with photo background

5. All September work put into one file, in google drive,  with the title September Graphic Art


So, by now, you should have turned in/finished a syllabus, first day  drawing, research about Hello Kitty, a drawing of a kitty(or whatever) copied and pasted in three different sizes, and be just about finished with the portrait(with 2 different backgrounds.

For the week of September 18th-22nd

The next assignment is to try making an animated drawing in google drawing and google presentation.  I’m going to suggest a tree with leaves, because it will be easy to animate the leaves growing, falling off and changing color.  If you have something else you’d like to animate, you have to talk to me first and get me to agree to it.

Here’s some simple vids to get you started:

A vid of a man animating a skater in a skate park

Here’s a vid of someone animating a rocket going through space.


The hello kitty assignment is to write down the name of the graphic artist who first drew hello kitty and then find the name of the corporation that owns the hello kitty logo.



Assignment for 9.7.2017 through 9.12, maybe longer

  1. Figure out how to use the camera built into the chrombook.
  2. Take a picture/portrait of your self. If you don’t know how, google, “how do I take a picture with a chromebook” or some such phrase.
  3. Put on headphones and watch the following 

You are probably better off to click through to the Youtube page and hit full screen to catch all the details of what the instructor is clicking on to. 

Then try working through making your own portrait using the ideas contained in the vid.  Watch it one time completely through. Then you will have to start and stop the vid quite a few times to follow all the directions to get your self portrait.  The first time you do this it can be difficult.  This project will take a few days, so take your time!

At this point you should have turned in a syllabus, done a page of lines with text showing me what lines you’ve done, and a simple drawing of anything recognizable.  A lot of people drew cats, but you don’t have to!  Copy the same image you did 3 times and make sure they are all a different size.


Here are some self portraits from last year’s Graphic Arts Classes





The first homework is bringing the syllabus signed by a parent, If you misplaced the copy you got in class, click the link and get another!

This will be the new Graphic Arts page for 2017-2018!

Assignment for 9.6.17: If you do not turn in the signed syllabus your homework grade will be less than 100%.

Yesterday, you should have opened up a google draw doc and used and labeled each line.  That means you will have used the insert text tool and the line tool.  You probably also inserted some shapes.  You are to have that doc up so when I walk by with my gradebook I can give you a grade for your first assignment.

Today we are going to learn a bit more about the line and shape tools and draw some stuff.  We are also going to learn about setting up the screen in various formats, like portrait or landscape to start. 

But first look up a definition of graphic arts and put that into a doc along with looking up the graphic designer who first drew “Hello Kitty” and finidng out the name of the company that currently owns the image of ‘Hello Kitty.


Here is a link to some of the vocabulary we will be studying this year.

Here is a link to some general topics, skills, goals, and objectives we will be studying this year.

If you want to see what was covered in the past and what will most likely be covered this year just click  here.

The links above are all documents that are still in edit.  













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