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FALL 2014

Mono Printing/Finger Painting

all pictures 3.21 008On August 19th, 2014 a new art year started for my students and myself!  I thought the best thing to start with would be a lesson in mono printing.  We discussed  the word/prefix, “mono” meaning one and we talked about the process of printing one at a time, hence the word “monoprinting”

The students will remember it as finger painting.  I should have taken a picture of the clean room with freshly painted table tops, ’cause they won’t look this nice the rest of the year.   It’s a fun first day project.  They have to listen to me, cooperate with each other, and they all like smearing paint around.

all pictures 3.21 013You start out by smearing some paint around on a piece of plexiglass. You can see one student using a brush to smear the paint around and one student starting to scribble with one finger.  I tell the students to use one finger so it’s easier to clean up.

all pictures 3.21 014Once the design is scribbled into the paint, a piece of paper is set down on the paint.  You can see a student here lightly pushing the paper down in to the paint to get the paint to adhere to the paper.

all pictures 3.21 015Her you can see a student pulling the print. I stick to light orange and yellow colors usually to make cleanup easier.


Below are just some general classroom shots of doing the mono-printing/finger painting.  I wish I would have thought to take some picture of the K and 1st graders, they were all pretty excited!

all pictures 3.21 018




all pictures 3.21 019




all pictures 3.21 020

all pictures 3.21 017



7th and 8th Repeated Designs

design 1.23.14 014Will did this as his first repeated design project, looks good Will. You wanted it at the top-we put it at the top!

1.16.14 repeated designs 001I do this design project with all my classes.  At different ages it teaches different things and as the student get older they can develop their ideas more. It’s intended to teach concepts such as repeated, overlap, no over lap, random, orderly and it’s also a way of introducing fabric design-I want the students to understand that the designs they see on fabric are drawn by somebody.

1.16.14 repeated designs 013Ms. Brenna did this and it came out great.  Nice simple circles combined into an engaging design.

1.16.14 repeated designs 009I like the way this student incorporated the scissors into the design.  It’s partially done here, a little more completed below.

1.16.14 repeated designs 010A work in progress.

cropped pac manA great variation of the pac man shape.

1.16.14 repeated designs 007This should be a fairly intense piece when it’s done.  You have to admire this kind of drive.

2nd upload repeated designs mostly 8th 012

2nd upload repeated designs mostly 8th 002

2nd upload repeated designs mostly 8th 003

2nd upload repeated designs mostly 8th 004

2nd upload repeated designs mostly 8th 005

2nd upload repeated designs mostly 8th 006

2nd upload repeated designs mostly 8th 007

2nd upload repeated designs mostly 8th 008

2nd upload repeated designs mostly 8th 009

design 1.23.14 009


design 1.23.14 011

design 1.23.14 012

design 1.23.14 013

design 1.23.14 014

design 1.23.14 017

design 1.23.14 018

design 1.23.14 019

design 1.23.14 020

design 1.23.14 022

design 1.23.14 023

design 1.23.14 024I like this kind of thing a lot.  Simple patterns combined into a nice finished piece.  I believe her name is Ms. Eiliana.

design 1.23.14 025One more student who yells, “don’t take a picture of my face!”  Umm…ok.

design 1.23.14 026Z wanted me to use this photo.  It wouldn’t have been my choice, but hey.

design 1.23.14 027Nice repeated design with circles.

design 1.23.14 028Another nice simple design, carefully done.  I’m thinking this is Trinity’s.  If not I hope someone tells me to correct this.

design 1.23.14 029

design 1.23.14 030

design 1.23.14 031

design 1.23.14 032I am so appreciative of two students who don’t mind a photo of them and their work!

design 1.23.14 033I believe this is the second assignment done by Ms. Brenna N.  Great stuff!

design 1.23.14 001This is the finished version of the one listed above.

design 1.23.14 005

design 1.23.14 006

design 1.23.14 007Great colors on this.  I boosted the saturation a bit when I was editing the photos, but it’s a nicely colored piece by any measure.


Mandalas are designs that exhibit the concepts of balance and symmetry.  I use mandalas to teach those terms and concepts along with being a good review of orderly design.

11.22.13 025

Here you can see a couple of students doing small sketches(practice drawings) of mandalas.

11.22.13 019.jpgre11.22.13 020.jpgre

If you notice, most of the students have written the word mandala, numbered each of the mandalas and in all of the designs you can see the student demonstrating a good understanding of the concept of mandala and balance.
11.22.13 026.jpgre11.22.13 027.jpgre11.22.13 028.jpgreAll of the the above are great examples of quick mandala sketches.