Hello there,

Finger Painting with the small ones,

Big kids using torches in college….

…or kids in 3rd grade,  everybody enjoys art class.


This is a site recording what I’m doing and what I have done in teaching my art classes.

I’m currently teaching art full time at Bethel Local Schools in the Greater Dayton/Miami Valley area.  It’s a great spot to be and I really like it. Kids and staff are great!

design 1.23.14 020

I’m looking forward to a great year and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: mr.tayse@gmail.com, or my new school address is taysem@blsk12.org

My name, like the title says, is Mike Tayse.  I’m a K-12 art teacher and a k-12 reading teacher.   I have 25 plus years of experience teaching reading, special education and art   I’ve taught all ages from kindergarten through college age.  Clay, paper making, candle making, finger painting, jewelry making, drawing, and other activities.   Since I’m also a reading teacher(k-12, Title One, GED, etc.) some of the posts will relate reading and various art projects too.  Art can involve writing also,  so I’m including some written student work also.

I’ve also taught special education which has given me a quite a bit of experience with tests and assessments, writing and adapting curriculum, writing IEPs, conducting ETRs, EMIS protocols, and understanding state(ODE) educational timelines, guidelines, and procedures, some some of the posts might reference that.

This blog is done using the freebie version of  WordPress.  I’m using the “Coraline” template, which seems to have a reasonable amount of options and is easy to get around on .  I pretty much stick to just pictures and text so this template seems ok and so far I have not really needed to change much HTML or CSS(can’t do it much on the free template) code, other than some size and color stuff, which is great, because I’m not that skilled at that sort of thing.    I’ve also done other sites using google blogger at:

http://miketayse.blogspot.com/     this is now my start page that leads to all my sites.

http://www.miketayse-jewelry.com/ this is a site where I’ve posted photos of my own work along with buy now buttons.

miketayse-jewelryclass.blogspot.com this is a site for my evening jewelry classes.

http://miketayse-readingteacher.blogspot.com/ This is my site for the reading classes I’m involved with or have taught in the past.

I’m always working on the sites(5 separate)  to make them a little more phone friendly  so some pages look a little “off”

Miss L and her newly made and decorated 3-d glasses.

If you have any questions or comments you can write me at miketayse@gmail.com or leave a comment on the site.


Below should be links to a couple of different kinds of resumes.  They should take you to box.com and should be downloadable PDFs.

The first is a general landing page with links to all my sites. You just have to hover and/or click on the circles.

Newspaper format, with pictures, art resume I did this one using Open Office, it’s aPDF, filed away on BOX, a free online storage site, functional and easy to use.

Scannable, large format, art resume This is alsoPDF, filed away on BOX.

A long, google docs version of my resume

Resume on my general blogspot site, it’s got more pictures

If you have any questions e-mail me at miketayse@gmail.com or leave me a message on my google voice number which is 440. 290.9354

I have dual certification, I’m  K-12 Art instructor  and a K-12 Reading instructor, with extensive experience in both reading and art.  I’ve taught all age and ability levels,  from finger painting with kindergarten children to helping college students prepare online portfolios(here’s mine). In reading, I taught letter sound recognition to kindergarten children and some experience in teaching  GED study and test taking skills.

I’m moving and redecorating my sites around and adding “buy now” buttons to some sites but they are all active, just not quite right yet.

My jewelry class site

My sales/e-commerce site,  still working on it.  I had to learn how to get all the financial stuff working, which meant I had to learn how to insert html for pay-pal and google wallet to work.

My mostly elementary reading site

Qualification Highlights:

* I have a thorough understanding of the foundations of literacy and the teaching of reading.  I’ve taught kindergarten age students letter sound recognition, 6th grade students reading comprehension and study skills necessary for the ODE achievement tests, and adults research skills and GED coursework.

* Ability to utilize art activities to teach and enhance  many subject areas.  I’ve taught a large range of art projects, this site should show that.

* Experience in working and communicating  with people of various age, ability levels, and backgrounds.


What’s not to like?  An acetylene torch,  flames, and pouring hot, molten metalThe students look a bit worried, but it all worked out just fine!

I’m currently working full time Bethel Local located close to Dayton, Ohio.  Great staff, students and school, I’m hoping to be here next year.

11.22.13 026.jpgre

Until recently I worked part time at Lorain County Community College, I teach an arts class for educators. It is a  a class for future educators and teachers working towards re-certification. In this class I’m responsible for the following and adapting a curriculum, writing the syllabus, assisting with student research and project completion, assessing students, and delivering final grades.  I also teach on alternate semesters  a jewelry making/small metals class.  I’ve taught part time at LCCC for at least 15+ years.

I’ve also taught in the College for kids program that runs in the summer. This is primarily 4 hour, week long workshop sessions where various arts activities(clay, drawing, jewelry, paper mache, etc) are taught.

Teaching at LCCC has been great over the years!  I’ve taught arts and crafts to people studying to be teachers and teachers looking to re certify.  Teaching the jewelry class has been great too.  I’ve learned a lot trying to answer the questions of students taking the class. 


This is a picture of me and a couple of students making waffles and donuts.  

I’ve worked for the past 10 years as a  reading, math  LD instructor (under temporary certification) at Citizen’s Academy. I worked with K-5th grade students in a small group setting under, Title One guide lines to augment regular classwork, teach reading and math skills, write IEPs, administer various academic assessments(WIAT, Iowa, Brigance, Scantron, etc.) and am a member of the IAT team which meets with teachers, administrators and parents to solve individual student problems. I’ve created and adapted curriculum to help students study for, and pass the yearly round of ODE tests and assessments.     2002-present.

Myself and my class standing outside the MLK library.  Depending upon class behavior, we went pretty often, it was an easy walk. 

This has been a great job and I have learned a lot!  I was hired as a reading instructor and then due to some people leaving was thrust into special ed, because of previous experience.  The school is located in the University Circle/Hough area in the great big gold domed Jewish Temple. The school is an open-to-the-public, non-profit  charter school which makes it quite a bit different than many of the “for profit” charter schools.  The school has been through, I believe, at least, 8  principals with a couple of substitutes since I’ve been working there and has steadily improved it’s scores in the various mandated Ohio assessments.  At at this time it is ranked as one of the best Elementary schools in Cleveland.  The special education department is currently performing in the top 20%-30%  of all the schools in Ohio. Having been at Citizens’ Academy for 10 years, and probably the only consistent staff member in special ed, I’d like to think I played a part. 


I have  produced and sold jewelry and conducted jewelry making workshops at various locations.


Worked as an LD tutor at Coventry Elementary where I primarily augmented K-5th grade students reading and  math, along with providing academic testing, writing IEPs, conducting MFE’s and serving on the school’s problem solving team. 1999-2002

 Working at Coventry Elementary School in Cleveland Heights was a great gig!  The parents and the staff were wonderful and I learned much about the teaching of reading and various details about teaching in an LD environment.  I had my students’ illustrated academic work hung across the street at the Arabica Coffee house and received many pats on the back (and free coffee) for the effort. We even had “opening nights” when we changed out work.  My students and I silk-screened book bags(below) to pass out and did many other projects to assist with learning how to read.  Click here to see the process.


Taught at Cleveland Municipal schools as a K-8 art teacher.  Two students had their work selected for display by the AAA and one student had her work on a non-violent theme enlarged for billboard use. I also participated in an after school academic (math) and a jewelry program.  2000-1999 and 1987-1990

Teaching for Cleveland is a real mixed bag of experiences.  I worked at some great schools and I’ve worked at some not so great schools. And I worked at too many schools that were closed.   At Verda Brobst I helped a teacher stretch blue tarps over roof leaks while at the other end of the building the tile was being needlessly removed and replaced, and this was in a school that was scheduled to be closed down at the end of the year and razzed due to the close proximity of Cleveland-Hopkins Airport construction. On the other hand I taught at Hicks Montessori which was a great school run by the principal, Barbara Booker, a wonderful principal, located right next to the West Side Market.  At Waverly, another very nice school, I had a class of over 35 students and we did clay and finger painted on a regular basis without any negatives and within a 45 minute time slot!  At Willson, on E. 55th I had an after school jewelry class and the math teacher(Mr. Bosart) and myself competed in a math competition where our students completed a large Sierpinski Pyramid constructed out of cut, folded, and glued up paper.


I taught SBH classes for Warren City Schools where I wrote IEPs and was responsible for all academic subjects. I utilized art as a reward and as a motivation for regular school work.

Conducted educational and informational seminars geared towards the sales of musical instruments, literature and related items at Warren Music Center.  I worked with a full time staff of 12, was a buyer at NAMM conventions, and was the treasurer on record.  I also did some of the instrument, equipment repair, and service in addition to some teaching of banjo and guitar. This was a fun job and I got it, mostly, because I could play the Deliverance theme on the banjo and Stairway to Heaven on the guitar. It’s odd the way things work out.


Designed and ran the first art program at Lake County Juvenile Justice Center.  Major goal was to provide an arts experience that would help foster a positive self-image. I  assisted with Project Checkmate, a court ordered activity which exposed young repeat offenders to adult prison life at Marion Correctional Facility.  In this position I also taught GED coursework and visited most prison facilities in Ohio.

Worked as a substitute high school  and junior high school teacher.

Related Experience

Have been involved in various art groups and have had my own work on exhibit and for sale in gift shops and galleries in North east Ohio.  Have had work featured in magazines and newspapers.

Have been involved with teaching and working with my hands for most of my life.


Cleveland State University, Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and coursework leading to certification in K-12 reading.  graduated in 2007.

Kent State University , BFA in art and art education. Graduated in 1979.

My first apartment, about a block away from Kent State, 122 Linden avenue, as I recall.

PDF Newspaper Resume

Newspaper format, art resume, with pictures.

I did the  PDF resume  using Open Office and Paint.Net.  Both, online, freebie programs.     It took me while to learn to use the page breaks, 3 column format, editing,  re-sizing, and positioning  the pictures between the two programs. Open Office gives you a file option to export a document as PDF, so it was real easy.   I like the way it looks though. I wanted a small file to e-mail and I wanted something that looked ‘kinda different from everybody else’s resume.

Bulletin Boards

The pictures below are small scans of, “bulletin boards”  I did so I would have a color page in resumes.  I took a thin piece of cork, used to make gaskets, and attached various bits of paper ephemera that might have educational and/or artistic interest.  Most resumes are now done online, so I don’t usually get to use them.


Other Skill Sets

I worked my way through college  building houses(framed roofs, mostly), built grain storage silos,  wrenched on cars, and drove a garbage truck.

Concerning houses I’ve: repaired and replaced roofs, installed skylights(and fixed leaks!), built additions and my current studio, hung and finished drywall, installed interior, exterior, and pocket doors, interior and exterior painting(sprayed and brushed), installed toilets, sinks, water heaters and associated plumbing(copper, pex, drains, etc), dug out my back basement wall, dug and installed sump and pump, cut and installed ceramic tile for floors and back splash, cut and installed granite counter top, removed and replaced windows, exterior siding, gutters, ran wires, installed breaker box, ran phone lines, set up wireless internet, refinished oak floors, installed hardwood and laminate flooring, and in short, I think I’ve done most things required to keep a house functioning over 25+years and I ‘kinda like that sort of thing. That being said, I’m paying somebody soon to remove some trees and limbs, I’m not real keen on heights.  On my regular mike tayse site you can see some of my house stuff


Concerning cars and motorcycles; drum & disc brake repair(calipers, master cylinders, etc) and replacement, clutch repair and replacement, transmission replacement(only to get at the clutch), piston and ring replacement(motorcycles), cylinder head replacement, fuel pumps, gas tanks, various fuel and electric problems, cooling system repairs and replacements involving hoses, water pumps, radiators, installed 3 sunroofs(with no leaks ever!)and exhaust system repair and replacement.  I’ve also installed and done various repairs on A/C systems.  Needless to say I’ve accumulated a lot of tools and stuff to affect repairs to cars, I really should stop.  No motorcycles(I’ve had a lot) at this time, I’m mostly into road and mountain bikes, that seems to satisfy my urge to interact with wheels and gears. I’ve owned Volkswagons, Renaults, Chevys, Fords, Hondas,  Saabs, a Subaru and one Toyota motor home.  I’m currently driving a red, Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback, which gets 40+ mpg, and is blissfully trouble free.


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