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Self Aggrandizement… not that bad…I’m very fortunate to get many letters and drawings from students who are happy to take the class.

I’m going to start posting them on this page.

edited letter from pelinThis was from a first grader who had to dictate the letter!  What a nice person to say such nice things about her 61 year old art teacher!

edited ava the bestWho doesn’t like to get a “you are the best ever” page?

editedthe best from jacobWow, “best art teacher in the world”, I’m sure there are many other art teachers int he world, but I get to be the best!

edited tase is the bestAgain, what can I say, I’m apparently “the Best” again.  I love the colors and cutouts!

DSCN5517You can never get enough of this sort of thing, it’s always nice to get a compliment!

DSCN5518I’m thinking this is myself and the student who made the piece walking together. Unfortunately, no name and the piece was made with water soluble markers and it suffered badly in a spilled coffee incident of my own making.