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I’ve started out every year with printmaking for the past few years now.  It involves paint/ink, making a mess and the potential to learn a new method of working and some new vocabulary.  We talk about mono printing, relief printing, and intaglio printing along with learning such words as, carve, brayer, plate, Plexiglas, ink, etc.

We start with mono printing

Here the students is applying the ink/paint.

Next is using the brayer to roll the ink out evenly

Here the student is just making a quick scribble because I’m taking pictures to show the various steps the student has to go through for the making of a mono print

In this step the paper is being laid gently down on plate with the design.

Then the pulling of the print.

Here’s the final piece.  It goes pretty quick and the students have to take turns going around the table.


This is a short vid of a a young student making a mono-print.





In this class we started to make prints.  We used natural materials(mostly leaves).   I have on occasion brought in actual fish as a means of illustrating a Japanese word that has to do with printing from natural materials, that is,  Gyotaku

It might smell funny, but I bet previous students will not forget the lesson!

We also use rubber erasers, potatoes, and some inner tube scraps cut into shapes.

As usual, this project starts with getting a bunch of stuff out.  Ink, brayers, paper, knives, and other implements of destruction.

The video above is a quick, step by step recording of the process of printing from a leaf. The person doing the printing is, I believe, Ms. Catherine.  At one point, I reached around to get a piece of paper so the camera looks ‘kinda jerky.  Whoops.

The pictures above are of some printed leaves, they came out real well.

We also did some potato printing.  Here you can see Ms. Alyssa carving a potato into..

Alpha Phi symbols ready to be stamped onto…

…red paper with white ink.  It came out real nice, Ms. Alyssa did a great job.

Sometimes a few experiments must be gone through in order to get quality work.  Ms. Suzanne stuck it out and got..

To get this nice print of an apple sliced in half.

Then Ms. Suzanne cut a nice bright mat to show off the work.  My photography does not do the piece justice.

Ms. Catherine started out, I believe, to make a smile face, but it came out interestingly creepy and Halloween like. It looks great on the black paper.

Ms. Kelsey did some nice food related prints. She says she like to make cupcakes, as of yet, she has not brought any to class. Surely, this must be an oversight on her part.

A nice page of some stencil work and potato prints.  I believe it’s Ms. Sarah.

A nice grouping of strawberries.

More food imagery, always nice!