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Student Writing

First of all I’d like to say thanks to all students who e-mailed me lesson plans! They are in no particular order and I intend to include written work that is excellent and some that is not so excellent,  so as to provide an example to current and future students.

The students in class are required to do at least six projects/lesson plans that include written elements.  The parameters for writing the lesson plans are on the Class Info tab on this site.  The lesson plans below are a mixed bag of student writing intended to showcase student talents and provide help and instruction for students writing lesson plans:

Telling Time,  Meisha Y.

Rhyme Words, Alyssa M.

Social Studies, Letter Writing, Ms. Suzanne

Social Studies, Relative Location and Use of a Compass, Ms. Suzanne

Kindergarten Sciece, Processes That Shape the Earth, by Ms. Suzanne


Kindergarten, Motion Words, by Michael



Ms. Sarah, Land Masses, 2nd grade

Learning to Recycle, 5th, Ms. Sarah

Creating Patterns, Kindergarten, Ms. Sarah


If you have a favorite or a mistake I have not noticed(very possible) please feel free to leave a comment below.