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Drawing Geometric Solids, Mostly 8th Grade

completed solids 8th grade 12.5.13 033I figure I’d better start separating the grades so the students could find their own work a bit easier.

more solids 12.4.13 004

more solids 12.4.13 003.jpgreThe one and only Riley did a great set of geometric solids.  Wonderful to see!

more solids 12.4.13 002

more solids 12.4.13 001.jpgre

The two above are examples done by Ms. Anna,  AKA Margie.  She always does a great job!

more solids 12.4.13 009.jpgre

more solids 12.4.13 008.jpgre

more solids 12.4.13 010Tyler did a great job on his geometric solids project.  Your hard work paid off with good results!

more solids 12.4.13 011A great arrangement of the assignment.

more solids 12.4.13 005Good shading, drawing, and close to finishing.

more solids 12.4.13 006.jpgre

This student, whom I’ll call Ms. R refuses to let me take her picture, and yet she does nice work when she wants to.


Drawing Geometric Solids

11.22.13 016.jpgre long

This project stems from a project where the students made nets(an ODE term) and folded them into actual geometric solids.  the assignment I gave the students is here.

11.22.13 013

Looking above you can see some of the paper models the students drew, cut out,

and then folded into various geometric shapes.

11.22.13 002

A nicely drawn example of a shaded cube.

11.22.13 003

Another part of the assignment was to assign each face of the solid a dark, gray and light face.  The students used various types of dry media, natural charcoal, charcoal pencils,  and ebony pencils.  they learned that some of the media makes better dark blacks than others.

11.22.13 004

A nice arrangement of the solids.

11.22.13 018.jpgre

11.22.13 017

11.22.13 016

11.22.13 011

11.22.13 006

11.22.13 010


Below is a collection of the whole assignment.

dave 12.4.13 001.jpg re combo