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Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

After the Students have done a bit of work with the random, orderly, overlapped, etc. designs I try to get them to utilize their skills in making designs(noun) to designing(verb) a useable object.  In this case, shoes.

I point out that design can be a noun, as in, “look at the nice design on the shoes” or it can be a verb, as in, “I want you to design a shoe”

I try to explain a bit abut the people who design shoes and the money that changes hands due to good design.  We talk a bit about how they make their decisions when it comes to choosing and buying wearable items.  We try to talk about what makes a shoe look good, but this generally falls apart into an argument as to who has good shoes and why some are awesome and some are junk.  If things go well, everybody will realize it’s an opinion/fact discussion.

But for me,  I just like students involved in drawing.  It’s fun to see what they can do.

The above lesson fits into the ODE Visual arts standards such as:

2PE Develop awareness and articulate various functions of art.

3PE Identify sources of visual culture in society and the media and discuss how the messages they convey affect personal and consumer choices.

3PR Generate ideas and engage in thoughtful planning when solving a visual art problem.

1PR Demonstrate technical skill and craftsmanship in the use of materials, tools and technology to solve an artistic problem.


The next few I had the students draw them on black paper.  It just looks nice in real time, it has the color enhancement that black velvet paintings take advantage of.




All of the above is done in the art room, at Believe to Achieve Academy, in Canton, Ohio.  The principal is Ms. L. Henry, the art teacher is Mr. Tayse.