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Still Doing Clay and Ms. Alyssa Does Her Book Project

Ms.  Alyssa did a book project today intended to help teach and re-enforce ending sounds/rhyme and general word family knowledge to kindergarten age students.  She used the book pictured above to act as an inspiration and material for the words she wanted her eventual students to study.

Pictured above are shots of some of the cards and written material Ms. Alyssa created.   She did a great job and is re doing her paper to make it even better.  The link below should take you to a google documents and it should be the written and turned in version of:

Alyssa’s lesson plan

Thanks for sending it Ms. Alyssa!

Another day spent working with clay.  Most students liked it, a few, not so much.  A lot of good projects were made, though.

This is Ms. Meisha  starting to work on a rose.

 Which eventually ended up looking like this.

Ms. Sarah did a great job on this piece.

The class also continued with finishing up some paper mache items.  Once they were coated with a nice clear, glossy finish, they all looked great.