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Fimo and/or Sculpey(moslty college age)

Fimo and Sculpey are brand names of a colored, oven hardening, plastic clay.  The scale you work is somewhat small due to the expense of the substance and the fact that cooking it goes quickly if your object is small.  It works in a similar fashion to regular clay, just a little different. New Sculpey and a rabbit being constructed. This looks like and elephant being started.  Eventually it will be a small, 3 piece puzzle, seen a few shots below. Just sitting around and playing with Sculpey. Here’s a better shot of the elephant puzzle, Ms. Alyssa, I believe. Sarah did a great job with the manatee. Cute penguin, I can’t remember who made it. Ms. Suzanne made an Easter basket and rabbit for her child.  Looks great! With angelic hosts proclaim….Ms. Meisha, I believe. Funny duck.  I like it. A very small Sumo wrestler, from the College for Kids program, a 3rd or 4th grader!  He made two and gave me one, because I whined a lot. Ms. Kelsey made this nice assortment.  She says she does not like clay.  And yet…. Not a great photo, but it’s one cute pig! A very detailed bunny from another young student in the College for Kids program. Another shot of the angel. A mixed up and boxed assortment of some student projects.