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Paper Marbeling

A very nice example of paper marbling.

Today we did paper marbling with oil paint and chalk.  It can be an amazing looking, and, on the surface(pun intended) a pretty easy process.  You float various paints and chalks on paper and then carefully place a piece of paper on the surface and pull a print.  Today’s version, in class is a pretty quick hit and hardly a full exploration of the potential of the medium.  For more complete instructions, do a quick internet search.

Pretty simple materials:   chalk, oil paint, vegetable oil, tempera paint, water, some pans, paper, etc.

The above three pictures are an abbreviated step by step, putting paint on the water, swirling it around, carefully  laying a piece of paper on the surface of the water, and then, carefully lifting the paper off the water to see what stuck to the paper.

There is a reflection in the top picture but hopefully you get the idea as to the beauty, albeit mostly random and accidental, that is possible.

Another nice student piece.