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Pouring Hot,Molten Metal

The other day we had made some items in clay and then cast them in plaster.  Knowing how to make a quick mold is a useful activity and you can do a lot with it. We removed the clay from the plaster, cleaned it up a bit and then I placed the plaster molds on a hot plate to get warm.

The tools are pretty simple.  A crucible, metal, a torch, and a bit of powered flux, to make sure the metal melts nicely.

Ms. Meisha started the process out by holding a torch and directing the flame towards the metal in the crucible.

Ms. Meisha continues to keep the metal hot and Michael is getting ready to pour the melted metal into the two molds sitting on the bricks.

A little closer view.

Then, the pour.

Another couple of students heating metal and getting ready to pour.  I was trying to stir it up a bit and was, at this time, realizing I should have added a bit more new metal because the metal in the crucible was looking somewhat dirty. This would be what is called a T. E. (teacher error).

Another pour, I believe it is…

Ms. Sarah’s ice cream cone,

and Michael’s piece.