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On the Board, with Haleigh and the Bradley

Both of students below like to draw on the board.  I’m not sure what the fascination is, but hey, to each his own.  Both come in my room on a regular basis and help clean and assist with the young students.  I’m always happy to have them in the room!

DSCN8770This is Midna from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.

DSCN8772A Catra inspired piece.  Haleigh is completely wired up and ready for the next season of She-Ra!


Shoe Design, Spring, 3.11.19

Below are some of the turned in pictures of shoes.  Some students have yet to turn in the assignment!  If you’re reading this as a student, you need to copy your shoe and make sure it’s posted on your site.  If you import the photo into a draw or photo editing program you can edit out the black background.



Weaving, Spring 2019

Still In Edit

I’ve been doing this lesson on weaving for a few years now.  There are lots of ancillary concerns and vocabulary, not just art objectives, that can be addressed through the teaching of weaving. Over, under, through, alternate, opposite,  warp, weft, loom, etc.,  are just some of the words that come up on a regular basis.

I started off with paper weaving with the 2nd grade and then start using string and yarn in the 3rd grades. I liked the really tiny one above!  No one has ever done one that small.   The above is a new photo tiling/mosaic feature in WordPress, I thought I’d try it.  I need to go look at in on a phone, see latency and how it renders, etc.


DSCN8586Ms. Aubrey made very fast work of this!

DSCN8587With the 2nd grade, I’m just trying to get the concept of weaving  introduced and started

DSCN8588Not what I was thinking but she was very happy and proud of her idea of making a snake!


DSCN8590Nice, careful, consistent work.


DSCN8591She went on to completely cover this!


DSCN8592Another proud weaver!


DSCN8593Good work on paper weaving.


It’s a very social activity, here’s a student talking with out even looking at the work.


DSCN8595String and yarn everywhere.


DSCN8584What a smile!