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Infographic, Personal Collage, and Some Cartoons

One of the assignments here is for the student to construct an infographic about something of a personal interest.  The actual assignment, on a google doc, is here.  I’m also going to put some student drawn cartoons and some collage pieces. 

cartoon osmanGuess who drew the above?  Since the draw file was sent to me, I opened it in draw and added some stuff, and then downloaded it as a jpeg.

9-6-19_ infographic Gorillaz

Ms. Skye S. did a great job on the above info graphic!

If you want more information about the music, Here’s the wikipedia page, “Their second studio album, Demon Days (2005), went six times platinum in the UK[4] and double platinum in the US.[5][6][7]

In case you’re wondering, the idea of a recording going “Platinum” means the recording sold 1,000,000 copies. So in the UK that means sales of over 6,000,000 and in the U.S, 2,000,000!  They’ve done well-I’m going to give them a listen later.


Animal Cell

Info grapic

infographic M&Ms

Interest Collage


personal collage

Taco bell infographic


Untitled drawing (1)



infographic M&Ms


ian collageI believe Ian R, did the one above, the pizza pic looks weird.

collageChristian B did this one above.  Interesting mix of images.


Starting With Printmaking


I usually stat the year with printmaking.  Usually, mono printing, because it can be real close to finger painting, but a bit less messy.  Below are just some general shots of  the art room up to it’s armpits in chaos and paint.  They’re fun days!

Here’s a link to to a year or so ago with some vid and description of process.

20190903_093822_HDRThis is pretty much what printmaking looks like when you get a bunch of  nice 4th graders!

20190903_093701_HDRHe looks a bit pensive and introspective for a 4th grader!

20190903_093737They were happy about getting their prints done.

20190903_093951What a minute….what are those watercolors doing out?

20190903_122312Nice finished print with a couple of techniques.

20190903_104739A great piece by Ms. Natalie S., I believe.

20190903_104754This person figured out they could print using a sponge.

20190903_104806Looks like they were using the edge of some cardboard.

20190903_111956More printmaking using the edge of a piece of cardboard.



20190903_094008The two above are steps in pulling a mono print.

20190903_112023_HDRShe does not seem quite sure of  what she’s done.

20190903_112029_HDROnce someone did the cardboard edge as a printmaking technique, all wanted a piece of the action.

20190903_112038I just liked this picture.  I really should have told him no climbing on the table.  All were engaged, working and all were getting along, so I was happy.





Some Portraits



Untitled drawingMr.Yunus did the portrait above, I like the hair.

shah self portMs. S. A. did a nice portrait here, I love the details on the shirt!


levi Self PortraitLevi did the one above.  When he sent it to me it still had the photo background and was a bit small.  The nice thing about using google draw is you can work with others, which is what I did to change the way it looks.  I hope he likes it!

If you click here you will see it with moving eyeballs.

Copy of self porchet osmanOsman did the above portrait. I like the nice, bold approach.

Self portrait (1)

Copy of self portraitAli A did an interesting portrait here.

me a dedeElvin A did the one above, I believe. I like the nice loose line.

self portraitMr. Rynolds did an interesting portrait here, great color choices!

Better FaceNice likeness and good details!

copy ofI like Jarette’s pure line approach.

self portraitRyan did the big-head-floating-in-space approach here.  I feel a need to add stars and planets.

portraitMs. Medina I believe did the above, nice geometric approach.

self portaitI like the way Christian included the jacket.

self portrait 1Ms. Skye did a great job on her portrait here!