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Mixed Gifs

The following gifs are a mixed bag of some rockets, explosions, moving cars, fire, and some walking sprites.




Dennis W did a nice blinking bomb explosion.

Noah S. and his exploding volcano is above.

Kyndall did a great explosion!

Micah did a nice volcano above.

I think this is Ms. Kaylee’s explosion.


I believe the one above is made by Dallas.

The “boom” at the end cracks me up, I believe it’s Ms. Samantha S.

Colby K did a good moving/walking sprite here.

Alyson B did one of my favorites, a  walking hamburger!

Here’s a quick car by Noah S.

Micah C. did a nice job here with a Sponge Bob image.

Dillion, I believe did this one.


Ms. Alyson B. did nice rocket here.

Micah did pretty well here on his rising rocket.

Logan H. did a nice rising rocket here.



I believe the rocket above was done by Ms. Sam S.  I like the orderly progression of stripes for the fire, nice decorative touch.


micah 400 rocket

A great first attempt at a rocket gif by Micah C.


Castle Gifs

The castle gifs pictured below are done using Piskel. An online pixel and gif creating program.

A nice build by Noah S.

Anthony did a nice castle with moving clouds.

Ms. Kaylee B did the castle, ground, sky, and moving clouds pretty well here!

Noah S. did a great job on his castle build here.

Ms. Abby R did the red castle above.  I need to convince her to do some blue sky.

Colin G. did a nice looking castle here.

I believe the castle above was done by Kyndall F.

I like the castle Micah C did here.

Dennis W. did a nice castle build above.

I believe the castle above is done by talented Colby K.

The castle above was done by Nolan F. I like the below ground section, no one else has done that yet.

Dallas S. did a good animated castle above.  I like the multi colored approach.

A nice castle with moving clouds done by Ms. Allison B.


A castle build with moving clouds done by a mystery artist with the initials of A. B.

A great castle Gif with moving clouds done by Ms. Tessa R.

I  made this one(Mr. Tayse).  I made a few mistakes, can you tell me what they are?  I’m not keen on my waving flag. It doesn’t work all that well.  I need to go back and figure that out.  The clouds are a bit jerky too.  I’m still learning how to use the Piskel drawing program too!

Some Iwatani Inspired Imagery

This Page Is Still In Edit

The pics that follow are some student done, Iwatani inspired artwork done in either google draw or youidraw.

Above is the first animated gif done by Ms. Tessa R.  The resolution is not quite right but I’m leaving it for a day or so till it can be adjusted.

Dallas S. did both of the pieces  above.  One with youidraw, one with google draw.

Micah C. did the one above in google draw.  I wonder if he could put the glasses on the pac man image?