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Book Making

There are lots of ways to make books.  Here is an abbreviated look at some books made in the 11:00-1:15 class.  In the previous class we made marbled paper and it is being used for the covers of the books being made.

In this shot a student is sizing up the inside cover of the book. They are using a file folder and the marbled paper will be glued to that.

Here you can see the outside marbled paper cover with lines drawn showing where the file folder will be glued down.

The inside card stock, scored, folded, and ready to have the marbled paper wrapped around it.

Here the paper is being wrapped around the card stock pictured above.

These tabs will be folded over the card stock and glued down.

Here an outside cover is being covered with a light coat of rubber cement.

The above shots are a book covered with marbled paper made by floating chalk on the water.  It came out very nicely, beautiful colors, my photography does not do it justice .   I think this is Ms. Sarah’s.

I missed any shots of punching holes and sewing in the inside papers.