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Some Quick Valentine Fimo/Sculpey

It did not occur to myself to plan out some sort of valentine project/activity until packing the car in the morning.  I went with the fimo(oven hardening colored clay) because:

1. I had some.

2. I happened to have a couple-o-packs of  red.

3. My toaster oven was already at school.

4. Fairly quick and simple.

Like most class projects, it starts out with everybody around a table.

Red and white clay was rolled into thin, string like shapes.

After you get enough of the little red and white coils rolled up you squeeze them together and roll them carefully flat.  Here you can see someone had cut a heart out and has a square with a heart cut out of it left over.

Same idea but with pink and white.

Some work before jump rings were added or pin backs were applied.

A good time was had by all.  More Sculpey and fimo to come!