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Popsicle Stick MANSION!

So I leave some Popsicle sticks and a plugged in hot glue gun laying around the room and before you know it, this shows up:

PICS 1.14.15 022You can see the rug, door, windows, curtains, and around the back of the house in this shot.

PICS 1.14.15 023The front of the house, cutting the window was a bit of a challenge, as I recall.

PICS 1.14.15 024A aerial shot of the backyard.  Pool and hot tub!

PICS 1.14.15 025Another backyard shot.

PICS 1.14.15 001Here’s a backyard shot with the tree installed.  The tree is twisted up pipe cleaners and paper, it came out very nice!

PICS 1.14.15 002Here you can see the additions of a railing around the deck, a very safety conscious decision.  Ms. C. R. would have it no other way.

PICS 1.14.15 003Here’s a shot of a pipe cleaner swimmer being stalked by a pool shark. LOOK OUT!

It was a great project and I’m happy Ms. C.R.(she didn’t want to use her name)stuck the project out and finished it.  If you’re lucky enough to have seen it you can tell others how great it came out.  I would have put it in the display case but she wanted to take it home in a big way and would take no suggestions from me about displaying it for all to enjoy.  She’s just that way.


Candle Making(mixed ages)

Candle making, at least for the way I teach it, is pretty simple.  You put some old candles into a,  “bought at a garage sale” fry pan and melt them.  You have to be careful not to let the wax get too hot!  Everything has flash point and if you melt scraps and an assortment of  wax predicting the temperature of it catching on fire is almost impossible!

That being said, I’ve never had trouble or any accidents.  I’ve put the statement below on many classroom walls.

Personal safety is your own personal responsibility

  Just be patient and keep the temp low.  When the wax melts, dip it out into other containers.

Here you can see people dipping candles.  Although not as important with older students, I usually put the hot wax into a small can and set it into another pan, just to keep things neat.

You can also make a candle mold out of clay.  You form a shape with some sides, stick a wick down into the clay and then pour in the hot wax.

Here is the candle out of its’ clay mold.

A multi-colored dipped candle.

Here are three candles made with the clay mold technique.