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November Portfolio

Below is an assorted group of student work from November


Ms. L. did a couple of scratch board drawings that came out real nice.


First is Demitrius, he was reading a book about snakes but was drawing some birds.


This is from the mono-printing lesson and maybe the  historical concept of action painting in the 50’s.

She always comes in listening and is more than happy to sit an paint without saying a word.

The two above drawings of people are drawn by some 7th or 8th grade students, I’m not sure where  the imagery comes from, I was happy they had stuff to turn in.

Another great one by Randy B!  Lots of stuff going one.


Student Portfolio, September

These next pictures are a mix of  work from the first few weeks.

The first batch is a design assignment.  The students were working on designs that demonstrated the property of random, orderly, overlap, or no overlap.

Here is the work in progress…

And here is the finished work!

A nice design based upon a name.

Another work in progress, if she stick with it, it will be a great one!

Looks like a lot of work…

Here she has begun the coloring, I hope she can stick to it, it will be a lot of work.

A simple, nicely colored random overlap design.


The next set of pictures are drawing and designs of shoes that use some of the design ideas they used in the previous assignment.  The ones on black paper look a lot better in real life.


All of the above is done in the art room, at Believe to Achieve Academy in Canton, Ohio.  The principal is Ms. L. Henry, the art teacher is Mr. Tayse.