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Congratulations to Amelia W!

Congratulations to Amelia W!

An artist from amoung us at Bethel entered and won a prize in an art contest sponsored by the Tipp City Area Arts Council. 

Below is the wonderful picture of a butterfly she did.  Thanks to her parents for the encouragement and driving the piece in.  Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!





Repeated Designs

Repeated Designs

The vocabulary for this lesson contains the words: random, overlap, orderly, design, and picture.


11.1`1.13 033

The first assignment is understanding the difference between pictures and designs.  After that I want the students to understand the difference between a design arranged in and orderly fashion and a design arranged in a random fashion.

Above you see an example of both; on the left is the orderly design and on the right is a design with the elements arranged randomly.

11.1`1.13 033

 Once they have the concept of random and orderly I then repeat the concept but add the idea of overlapped and no overlap designs.


The piece above is an example of overlap and not random.  I like the way the student was very clear and specific, she plainly prints, “orderly, no random” and above that she rights orderly.  This is exactly what I’m going for, a clear visual illustration of a student understanding concepts and vocabulary I’m working towards.



11.22.13 016

11.22.13 015

11.22.13 005

11.22.13 00911.1`1.13 028