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Repeated Designs

Repeated Designs

The vocabulary for this lesson contains the words: random, overlap, orderly, design, and picture.


11.1`1.13 033

The first assignment is understanding the difference between pictures and designs.  After that I want the students to understand the difference between a design arranged in and orderly fashion and a design arranged in a random fashion.

Above you see an example of both; on the left is the orderly design and on the right is a design with the elements arranged randomly.

11.1`1.13 033

 Once they have the concept of random and orderly I then repeat the concept but add the idea of overlapped and no overlap designs.


The piece above is an example of overlap and not random.  I like the way the student was very clear and specific, she plainly prints, “orderly, no random” and above that she rights orderly.  This is exactly what I’m going for, a clear visual illustration of a student understanding concepts and vocabulary I’m working towards.



11.22.13 016

11.22.13 015

11.22.13 005

11.22.13 00911.1`1.13 028