5th Grade/Egypt


Ms Olivia did a very nice Egyptian cat for the Egyptian project described below.


We’re going to be doing some artwork based upon the artwork of Egypt.

front portraits egypt 4th grade

Above is some art from 4th grade done a few years ago, without the help of computers!

Your assignment is to first

  1. Open up a google doc.
  2. Give it a title of Egypt.
  3. Go to google images and open up a search for “old dynasty Egypt”.
  4. Open up another tab and do a search on google images for “new dynasty Egypt”.
  5. Set the cursor/pointer into the middle of the picture you want,  two finger tap  on an image you like, a dialog/options box should open, click copy image.
  6. Go to your google doc and right click on the doc and then hold down ctrl and click on the v.
  7. Below each image type old dynasty or new dynasty.
  8. Do this 10 times

By the time you’ve done the above you should have 10 images that you find interesting and a short comment about the image.

Would you like an example?  Here is a page with no words, but over 10 images about Ancient Egypt.

Having trouble with the above method of grabbing a picture, try this: place cursor in the middle of image you want, hold down alt key, click the mouse pad, a options/dialog box will open up, click on “copy image”, then go to your google doc and hold down the ctrl key, click the “v” key.

What is a hieroglyphic?

Let’s learn to write you own name in hieroglyphic writing:

You can try:


or  Hieroglyphic Typewriter  or Name Translator

Use your pencil and a piece of paper to sketch the hieroglyphics that represent your name.

After you’ve done your name, go take a look at your page of photos and sketch one that you find the most interesting. 

Below are some nice finished pieces that other students have done.  What do you think you can draw or paint that would be about Egypt and interesting to you?  Which one is your favorite?  Why do you like it more than the others?

ankh image 5th grade

3rd grade cat egypt image

egyptian sid portrait

egypt side simple portrait

egypt head marker on gold paper

colored mummies stacked up in grid

Below is a repeat from above, the above one will maybe have it’s own post.

DSCN8797DSCN8798Ms. Olivia did a nice Egyptian cat for the Egyptian project.









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