8th Grade Exam

The following pictures and videos are from the 8th graders taking/doing the art exam, 12.19.13. The basic idea was to have the students do a quick research project on an artist or style, state 20 facts about their choice and then do a drawing or painting in the style of the subject they chose.  8th grade exam 019

8th grade exam 020

8th grade exam 021

The pictures below are some students who chose to research Jackson Pollock.  Since they chose that particular painter they felt empowered to do something in his style, which would include the slinging of paint.  I would not normally agree to this sort of thing, but it did fit with the painter and style they chose, so it was hard to say no.

8th grade exam 022

8th grade exam 001

8th grade exam 002

8th grade exam 005

8th grade exam 006

8th grade exam 007

8th grade exam 008

8th grade exam 009

8th grade exam 010

8th grade exam 013

8th grade exam 014

8th grade exam 015

8th grade exam 016

8th grade exam 017

8th grade exam 018


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