Paper and Metal Construction

Every October, after doing printmaking, I tend to do origami and paper constructions.  Many of the kids like it, but Brayden was one of the few that went over the top and made multiple objects with paper.  A lot of students like this project, so it’s pretty popular and it’s always great to see what they come up with. Here’s another post about a student project constructed with paper.DSCN8381.JPGAbove is a table and chairs Brayden made.

DSCN8523I had some aluminum flashing, so I brought some pop rivets and the appropriate tools. About the only thing I showed him was how to cut and bent the metal, because the actual construction was very much like the paper construction.  I thought he’d cut himself a a few times, due to bending and cutting sheet metal, but he never did!

DSCN8524Here you can see Brayden using the hand drill to make a hole to insert the pop rivet.

DSCN8528A good shot of the various tools required to make the project.

DSCN8530Looks like the table or chair under construction.

DSCN8531A shot of how to use the pop rivet to secure the part together.

DSCN8547A chair, almost done.


DSCN8549A couple of shots of the finished chair and table.

DSCN8550The table and chair done!  Brayden did a great job on measuring, learning how to use new tools and following through on an idea!


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