Egyptian Project

What follows follow is a small sampling of some finished work from the Egyptian project.  Students had to do some research first and the assignment that was given is here.

DSCN8798DSCN8797Ms. Olivia S. did a  great Egyptian cat above.

DSCN8721DSCN8722Part of the assignment was to do your name in Egyptian hieroglyphics. There are a few websites that enable you to type in your name and get the partially proper hieroglyphics.  I like the nice cartouche above.

DSCN8723DSCN8724DSCN8725DSCN8726This one was done both sides, nice bold, Eye of Horus or Uchat.


DSCN8729Nice simple, well made piece


DSCN8738DSCN8739DSCN8740Ms. Sam did a nice original piece here!

DSCN8741DSCN8743DSCN8744Another nicely made simple piece, very elegant line quality.

DSCN8745DSCN8746Nice sense of depth with the placement and drawings of the pyramids

DSCN8747Great Egyptian queen or princess image.

DSCN8749Cat imagery was very popular in class and this one came out very well.


Nice pastel work and color choices with her Egyptian imagery.



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