Over, Under, & Through

This fits into my student’s need for increased motor skills and it teaches a few vocabulary words.  The ODE standard that could apply would be: 6PR Create artwork that explores a central theme across disciplines or 1PR Explore and experiment with a range of art materials and tools to create and communicate personal meaning.

From a student perspective they were punching holes with a hole punch, cutting yarn, weaving yarn in and out of holes, tying knots,  and using scissors, with some coloring thrown in.  For vocabulary words I’m hoping the students know/have a working understanding of over, under, through, hole punch, and around.

Here we are starting out punching holes.  I notice a lot of trouble with students not using their thumb and fore finger in a delicate and controlled manner.  Doing stuff like this can hopefully help.

Weaving the yarn in, out, over, under, and through the holes.

One happy student, punched some holes, pushed the string through and getting ready to finish up and tie it off.  Looks like he did pretty well.

A nicely finished project.  A few more holes than really necessary, but once the punch is in your hands, things happen.

Crayon, scissors, folding, cutting, hole punching, weaving, not to mention listening for and following directions.  She did a great job!

Sometimes it’s just about punching holes.  With smaller children there is something that called the “manipulative stage” and it’s where they just want to “do” something and play with tools and materials.

This was the same assignment.  A different interpretation. Sometimes I just try to stay out of the way.

Holes punched and she’s got some knots and yarn pushed through.

He was very happy with the two color experiment.


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