Geometric Solids

 2-d drawings become models of 3-d solids.


This project is intended to teach about the making of geometric solids, general good craftsmanship,  and  using a ruler.  We are going to use them for drawing too.


The student above has made a very small(very challenging!) one.


It also teaches/reviews the ability to understand and make geometric “nets”.  ODE uses this term for 2-d drawings that can be folded and cut out and made into various geometric solids.


In the one above you can see a student who has completed a four sided pyramid, a couple-o-cubes, and the cylinder he is still in progress with.



The process involves careful gluing and cutting, thinking about what shapes, and how many,  need to be drawn and how to arrange tabs for gluing the shapes together.



One of the boxes turned into a model of a tv set along with some assembled boxes and a student still working on more.


A quick sketch done a student.


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