Snow Days-Sub Folder

Snow Days-Substitute Materials

Below are some instructions, links, and suggestions in the event of my not being in school or as material to be done for snow days.

My daily schedule for 2017-2018 is here   Click the under lined sentence

Google doc version of sub plans for the day. Click the under lined sentence

Some of the handouts are stored online on BOX, a free online storage site I use. You can download from the site and sometimes print directly without downloading. some are direct links to my google drive.

The first eight pages are for students from 3rd grade on up.  Fairly  simple stuff and most definitely inspired by/borrowed from a book by Mark Kistler entitled, Draw Squad.  I drew most of them while standing up on bus or hall duty, so although they are somewhat shaky and sketchy in quality, the concepts are solid.

how to draw boxes1How to draw boxes

SKMBT_55213090913170 cylinder 1How to draw cylinders

All 8 pages of how to draw various things


Below are some coloring pages from a coloring book of contemporary artists.

Contemporary artists coloring sheets

Below are some sheets I cut and pasted from google images.  I didn’t really spend a lot of time on it and sometimes they were done by a student.  I don’t own any of the images and they were all found on google images.

Star Wars images from a coloring page

Mario images from google images

Shopkins coloring page from google images

Some Minecraft from google images

Pokemon from google images

Some kawaii stuff from google images


More to come!


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