Bridge Project

As you watch the above vids, how many triangles and angles do you see when the bridge is being built?  Lots, huh? What happened first, second, or last in the bridge making process.

What will you do first when you build your bridge?

What do you think I want you to do first before you start building your bridge?


Image result for bridges of dayton ohio

What river?  What bridge?  How would you figure that out?  I’ll give you a hint, it’s in Dayton Ohio.

We are going to be starting a project concerning the structure, design, and building of bridges.

The first part of the assignment is to look up and put in a google doc the bridges in Dayton Ohio.  Go to google images and put in “bridges in Dayton Ohio”  You’ll want to put the street the bridge is on and the river it crosses.  If the bridge has a name or any other interesting facts, please list them.  Find 5 bridges.  Look at the construction of each.  What kind of bridge crosses Wolf Creek?

To be clear: You should have a bridge for Wolf Creek, Miami River, Stillwater River, and the Mad river.

Try to list larger bridges that are close to downtown Dayton, put the info into a google doc, and give the doc a title, with your name.

After you’re done with the above, do a google search using the phrase, “types of bridges for kids,  bridge construction”, or “just types of bridges.”

On the same google doc, write down 5 different types of bridges and paste in a picture of an example.  Make sure one of the examples is a truss bridge.  


Everyone in Ms. Baker’s class is starting the bridge assignment.