First Quarter Graphic Art Assignments for 2018

Ok.  Make sure you are done with everything below.  The nine weeks are coming to a close and you should check to make sure you are getting the grade you want!

If you’re done with everything, you can read a book, do schoolwork, or watch the vid I’ve pasted in below,  and try all 20 drawing projects. Obviously the person doing the vid has had a lot of coffee, but you’re young, so hopefully you can keep up. I don’t want anyone playing games, you can do that home! When you’ve done with one drawing project(s), use the camera on your chromebook and put the pictures you’ve drawn into your blog.

We’re going to be working on repeated designs next. You could go to the search bar at the top right of this site and type in “repeated designs” or here’s some examples


New assignment for 10.22-25.2018, That would be Monday!  I will not be there with you, my wife is having surgery, you will have a substitute.  You can finish old stuff, add to your website, and/or start the new assignment below. 

It’s all on this google doc, just for you!


You should be finished or at least finishing the 10 flowers assignment and the cloud assignment, drawn in logo creator in youidraw.  Check your Schoology grade, then onto do the logo questions first.

Create a logo assignment

Logo Questions


Below is not an assignment, I just found it interesting.


The man above owns a very famous logo and was(died) the owner of a very famous company. They produce, fashion/wearable items along with jewelry, bags, shoes, watches, glasses, and many other products.  They recently made a belt they sold for over $250,000!  Really, I’m not making that up, a belt….sure it had some diamonds on it, maybe some gold, but still, a belt?

Who is the guy?   How would you figure that sort of thing out, if all you had was a picture?


For Tuesday, 10.16.18

Here’s a google doc of the next assignment.


As Mr. Jude W. so aptly pointed out, indeed the wheels on the bus do go “round and round”  This was draw almost 2 years ago by the talented Gabreille L. , using google draw.  Even when they’re square!


For 10.15.2018

Above is vid that will explain how to use yoidraw Logo Creator to make a cloud.  All you need to watch today is just the first 2-3 minutes.

Here’s a link to a google doc that has all the details of your next assignment.


Here’s a link to photos of the shoes you drew.  Find your photo, grab it and put it on your website.  


There are lots of programs that allow you to draw with a computer.  We’re going to use another draw program called YouiDraw.

Watch this vid:

After you’e watched the vid, here’s the next assignment, I put it on google docs.


Many are done with the shoe drawings.  I took some photos of the shoes that were turned in and put them in a file on google docs.  Go get the picture of the shoes(s) you drew and put that on your website.  You might be able to right click copy or you may have to download it to your drive to make that happen.  Make sure you are making it a JPEG file or it may not post to your website.


The new assignment is really a few assignments.  It’s generally about the design of shoes, but it could be something else, if you talk to me first.


You’ll have to go to file-make a copy to type in the answers to the questions.


Let’s try this again, the other day,  it did not work.  Your are to go to your blogger/blogspot/blog page, copy the address/url and then paste it on this page.  

This Google Doc

Follow the instruction on the page!  Paste your address below another students’ and put your name to the right of your blog address/url!

So far, Leyla, Aiden, Finnegan, Malee, John, Daniel, Sarah, Jania, and Connor are the students who have pasted in their links and names, if you have not done this, your grade goes in as a zero! Really, I’m that mean! There’s no reason for this, paste in your blog address and name today!




Next, I thought we should study a group of graphic designers called Pixar.  Ever hear of them?


Make sure you have answered these questions about Pixar.

After you’re done with that, open up google draw and try to draw a character from the Pixar list of characters.

If you’d like to try something new, you can try something called, “youidraw” instead of using google draw. We are going to be using that soon.

You’ll need to sign up, using your google account, and make sure everything is saved.  You can save everything to google drive!

youidraw website


For Monday, 9.17.18.

Your are to make one google doc,  with all of your assignment listed by shared link.  We’ll talk in class about this.


For Friday, 9.14.18, you should probably be finishing one of your two animations. Both animations have to have at least 25 frames of movement. 

You should also make a folder,(read below)in google drive and put all of your work done so far in graphic arts class.

If blogger is working for all, I’m going to show you how to embed a vid and a slide presentation.

September 13, Thursday


Open up google drive and click the plus sign.

Click the big plus sign on the uper left, I thnk it says “new”

Click on folder

Make a folder that says, “September Graphic arts”

Put all the work you’ve done so far in this folder, you can right click or drag and drop it into the file.  Go slowly if you’re dragging and dropping, because the page moves as you drag stuff around.


September 13, Thursday

To continue with google slides and animation, we are going to make a stop frame animation of everyday objects using google slides.

The process is pretty easy and very much  like doing the previous animation. The big difference is you are going to use the camera, built into your lap top to take a picture of an object(s), import it into google slides, move the objects(s), take another picture, import the picture, and just keep going.

The big difference between this animation and the one you did before, is this time you’r are taking the picture and not just finding them on the internet. 


If you’re curious about what we are doing the week of 9.10-14, it’s going to start with this video:

All you are to do is copy,m with different images the process the instructor goes through in the above video.

  1. Open up the above video on you tube, watch it all the way through.
  2. Open up a new tab, and open up google slides
  3. Go back to the beginning of the video and follow his steps to make your own video.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE SPACESHIPS, YOU CAN USE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO MOVE. YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 25 FRAMES.


New assignment for 9.7.18, or 9.6.2108, if you’re done with the self portrait.

By now you should have turned in a signed syllabus, done a sample google drawing with lines labeled, a photo with a word balloon, and you should be finishing up a self portrait in google draw.  Check your schoology grade too, if you have trouble signing in, let me know.

Next you are going to:

1.Look up and  write(type, I mean) down(in google docs) the name of the graphic artist who first drew hello kitty.

2. Then find the name of the corporation that owns the hello kitty logo.

3. You are also to find five products that hello kitty helps to sell. Copy and paste small photos of them into the same google doc your are answering the questions on.

4. How much money does Hello Kitty make the corporation that owns the image in one year?

5. In what country does the Hello Kitty image come from?

The 2nd part of the assignment is to try to draw 5 cats using google draw, using the shape and draw tool.  You can make them up or copy them.

Make sure to give the assignment a title, I’m thinking Hello Kitty. 


Assignment for 9.4.2018 through 9.7.2918, maybe longer

  1. Figure out how to use the camera built into the chrombook.
  2. Take a picture/portrait of your self. If you don’t know how, google, “how do I take a picture with a chromebook” or some such phrase.
  3. Put on headphones and watch the following 

You are probably better off to click through to the Youtube page and hit full screen to catch all the details of what the instructor is clicking on to. 

Then try working through making your own portrait using the ideas contained in the vid.  Watch it one time completely through. Then you will have to start and stop the vid quite a few times to follow all the directions to get your self portrait.  The first time you do this it can be difficult.  This project will take a few days, so take your time!

At this point you should have turned in a syllabus, done a page of lines with text showing me what lines you’ve done, and a photo with an inserted word balloon/callout. 

Here are some self portraits from last year’s Graphic Arts Classes


For Friday, stardate 8.31.18, our journey continues….

To continue with google draw. Open up google draw, give it a title that includes the date and maybe a short name, like….uh….2nd assignment or whatever?

Use each line tool and then use the insert option to name the lines. Here’s an example You’ll have 7 lines.  Then try inserting 4  shapes, you don’t need to name them.  

Find a photo of something, get it to appear in a google drawing (there are lots of ways of doing that, download, insert image, copy and paste…) then add a word balloon, it’s called a “callout” I believe in google draw, it’s under the shapes category. I did an example above.

That’s it for Friday, have a great weekend.



Your first assignment was to take home the syllabus and get it signed-hopefully you did that.

Your 2nd assignment was to look up and define fashion design, industrial design, graphic design, and what is an engineer. If your definition was/is over 10 words, you’re probably working too hard!  You should have done this as a google doc, although some may have had to hand write this.

After that it was how to open up google draw and use the draw and shape tools


If you’re curious:

Here is a link to some of the vocabulary we will be studying this year.

Here is a link to some general topics, skills, goals, and objectives we will be studying this year.

If you want to see what was covered in the past and what will most likely be covered this year just click  here.

If you’re curious this is a link to some assignments from last year.


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