Sandal Making

This is from the last month of the 2016-2017 school year.  I’m leaving it up for the summer because I like what the student did! This will be off the front page and deposited into the regular posts once the 2017-2018 school year starts.

I’m always saving stuff that glitters because I see many young children that like that sort of thing.   So I find this roll of green mesh fabric that has glitter embedded in it.

This is the roll of stuff.  I personally didn’t care for it because it kept leaking glitter as it was handled, I almost threw it away.

So the student take the insoles out of a shoe or maybe it was pad in a shoe, she grabbed some tools,  and proceeded to punch holes in it.

She rolled the fabric into a rope/tube, poked  and pulled it through the insole, added some knots…

…and made a wearable sandal!  I take no credit other than staying out of the way. She got no help from me.  But I could not have been more pleased to see a young student grab materials and tools and bend it to her will.

She wore them out of the room!  What a great project from a great kid!  I really need to do this with a class.




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