Books and Boxes

This particular day we were making books.  This is a good example of of a young fairy princess visiting my class.

This is an example of a small folded book.   Somewhere I learned how to fold a piece of rectangular into an eight page book.  Weirdly, they same folds, with slightly different cuts can be turned into a box.  See below

Above is the boxes that are basically the same folds as the book mentioned above. I recently figured this out.  I’ll put a post up with the instructions eventually.


Below are some pictures of the small books we made.  Some were folded, some where held together with little brass fasteners/rivets. I tried to hide the staplers so they would be forced to do something a bit different.  I figured they had stapled paper together before and called it book.



Below are some pictures of boxes  that use basically the same fold as the book above.  It a fun project.  The older students make stuff with the boxes in a modular fashion and the young kids learn to fold paper in half accurately.

Might be the smallest yet!

This student worked quickly-all this was done in a 1/2 hour period.

They bought this back to finish the large basket.  Next year I will do this project before Easter so the basket idea can be incorporated.

Another wonderful student who worked  fast-she knocked these out quickly!



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