More GIFs

One of the actual assignments here was to use primary and complementary colors(Which Ms. Ayumi calls secondary colors) and then animate them into a eye hurting design.  I pointed out this is a technique used in annoying pop up ads online. Below are some of the first  examples.   Also on this page are some designs using all the primary and complementary colors.  I was surprised how many did not remember what a primary and complementary color was.  hence, an assignment.

This would be an example of Jacob and his amazing technicolor gif. The assignment was to do a design featuring primary colors being juxtaposes against the appropriate complementary colors.  It’s going so quick, I’m not sure the assignment is 100% correct, but it looks good!

I like the nice animated color wheel  Trent did.  Hopefully everyone will notice the flashing back and fourth of the complementary and primary colors.


Ms. Mariyam did the nice rabbit eating a carrot.

sayidsGreat job on this Sayid!  It hurts.

complementary colorsCameron W. Did the first hurtful gif in class.  Oww!!!!

complementaryMs. Kylie B. is responsible of this complementary colors gif.  Ouch!



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