Some Gifs made with Piskel

This is Sayid’s quickie project on complementary colors.  Hurtful, huh?

The amazing Cameron W. was the first person who figure out how to make complementary colors animated and painful.  Ow!!!!

Omar did a great gif here.  Maybe a bit violent-intended to be funny, but certainly no worse than the average shooter game, that’s for sure.

Another wonderful piece by the equally wonderful Kylie B!  This assignment was part of a general assignment that included some written work about the artist Miyamoto, the guy that created Donkey Kong.  That’s why it looks somewhat copied/derivative .  I hope all my students have learned something and have  enjoyed studying famous, successful, contemporary artists working in graphic design as much as I have.

I don’t remember who did this, ‘gotta find out.

Anthony did a nice fish swallowing a blue bubble.

Another great one by the most wondrous Kylie B!

Trent S. did a great eating assignment here!  Great mouth movement adn I think he did it in about 1/2 hour.

Drew W. did this involved gif.  I believe he said it was 120 frames, and the nice motion and scene changes show it!

Another great one by Tyler!

Trent S. did a good job with this walking guy assignment.

Ethan W. did a very nice drawing/gif of a house being built.  I’m thinking this will be a good assignment for all….Building something will make successive frames easy to construct in Piskel.

Anthony B. did a great job with the walking man problem!

This lengthy gif is done by the great Eli S., great job Eli!

This page/post will be a loose collection of gifs made using Piskel, an online program that seems to run and save ok on Chrombooks.

Make sure to click her for the best of the best done by the inimitable Gabryelle L.

Above is a Dab gif done by the illustrious  Liam S.

Cameron W. did another great one here!

Dylan F., I think did this one.  Nice multiple movements, with the rocket going right off screen, which gives a great sense of movement.

camerons-carAnother nice piece from Cameron W.

my-castle-averyAvery did a nice atmospheric looking castle here, it has a ‘kinda 3-d look to me

marys-castleMs. Mariyam did a wonderful looking castle here with moving clouds.

pac-man-cloneEthan W. did a nice pac man clone here.

brennancastleBrennan did a nice castle with moving flags and clouds here.

castelAudrey B. did this stately looking castle, replete with moving clouds!

farkas-moving-carfinished-with-backgroundMr. Farkas did a great moving car with a hill in the background here.

kylie-b-castleMs. Kylie B is responsibel for this very well done castle, replete with moving clouds.

castle-with-rain-peyton-bIt was a dark and stormy night at the Caslte of Peyton B.

trever-castleTrever D. Did a nice castle with moving clouds here.




Sayid did a nice castle here!    The clouds move nicely.



Ayumi did a nice full piece here, blue dragon breathing fire, sky, moving clouds, a lot of stuff going on!


Mr. Anthony P. did  a great castle with some character movement, it looks great!


Tyler did another good one above with the drawing appearing in a succession of frames.


Here’s a great looking rocket taking off done by the most talented Luke N.



A nice landscape with moving clouds and a fire breathing dragon by Ms. Kylie B.  Looks amazing!






The one’s above would be Anthony’s.


This would be Tyler’s


Cameron did a nice one here, I like the eye roll!


Another one by Anthony, great, simple dragon shape.


Another one by incomparable Tyler. Mouth and fire action, way to go!





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