Still Life Painting and Drawing

If you’re here to look up info for class about still lifes, go to the end of this post.

Not a lot of commentary is necessary for the pics below.  It’s younger elementary students drawing still lifes.  Does not get much cuter than this!

dscn7028My M.O. here is to push the tables together, set various still life items  in a row down the middle and then have students try to draw them.  I talk a bit about background, foreground, and still life as a genre, and that’s pretty much it. If time permits some of the classes have done a bit of internet research(see the end of the post) to see a few painter in history who have done still lifes.  From that little bit of suggestion you get all the different pieces shown below.



dscn7031This person did single fruit studies in a grid pattern.  Labeled them too, looks great.   It’s amazing how many different interpretations of “draw this” there is.



dscn7034The two pics above are a young lady who brought items of interest to her to draw for still life day.  The nice thing about this is by bringing it in themselves it assures them of drawing something they will be interested in.





dscn7039This is an unusual drawing of an apple with a pen going through it and a pineapple with a pen going though it.  This meant nothing to me until later in the day another kid told me it was music video.  Lookup “apple pen” or pineapple pen” if you want to see it.


dscn7041They wanted to have their picture together hold their respective still lifes.


It’s hared to see her, but Ms. P had a nice background with her still life and bowl drawing.


Still Life Painting and Drawing

Some questions to answer:

1. What is a still life?

2. What is a still life drawing?

3. What is a still life painting?

Please  do a google image search for “simple still life”, “still life”, “modern still life”, “old still life painting” “,  and/or “still life artists”.  Any combination of words using “still life” is fine.

Do a search using the artist names below with the words, “still lifes”:

Janet Fish, Paul Cezanne, Roy Lichenstein, Giorgio Morandi,  Pablo Picasso, Georgia o”Keeffe, Wayne Thiebaud,  etc.

Or try doing a search using the terms: “still life painting old”,  “still life painting, modern”,  or “pop art still life”

If you’d like to see what students have done in the past:




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