Begin With Printmaking


dscn6492I like to start with printmaking. I generally start with mono-printing.  Students learn about using a brayer, the prefix, “mono” meaning one, printing something, as opposed to drawing or painting, sharing, process,  and a bunch of other related concepts.  The younger students just remember finger painting.  It make for a really good introduction to art class as fun and something to look forward to.



dscn6484Starts off like this, with the student rolling out the ink/paint onto something that can be washed easily, cafeteria tray, cookie sheet, or, in this case, a piece of Plexiglas,.

dscn6485Then with a  suitable tool….

dscn6486…here a kindergartner finger, you push the paint around creating line and space, leaving a bit of paint behind on a finger.


dscn6487Then you lay the paper down on the plexiglass…

dscn6489…pat it down gently…


dscn6491…and then peel it off the plexiglass

dscn6492…where you can inspect the finished work


I am very fortunate t0 often have older students  volunteer from study hall, which really helps with the very young classes.  Above, Ms. Sara, is helping them get cleaned up.





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