First Year In Graphic Arts Using a Chromebook

If you’ve happened upon this page it’s intended to be buried among all the other posts.  I’m really only posting/keeping it around to refer back to or to show what my students and myself were up to in Graphic Arts With Chromebooks for 2017-2017.  It’s mostly a list of assignments and the top of the post is the last thing assigned.


We are coming to the last days of school so…

First, check gradebook to see what you’re missing.  Currently it looks like quite a few people are getting Cs and Ds.  You can share work  via my e-mail or just show it to me in class. If you want extra credit you can re-do a previous assignment or see me!  There is no reason not to get the grade you want!

Next we are going to take a look at another graphic designers by the name of April Greiman.

First question to answer Look up April Greiman. Just type the name into a google search and read a bit then fill in the blank for this sentence.

  1. “April Greiman is a designer.  Recognized as one of the first designers to embrace ___________    ___________”
  2. What was April Germain first trained to be?
  3. Read THIS ARTICLE about April Gremain.  What computer did she first use in 1984.  ‘Wanna see something neat?  Go to you tube and type in “the original 1984 apple macintosh commercial”
  4. In the same article and same paragraph mentioned in question 3, fill in the blank to the following sentence  “Most designers were skeptical of—if not completely opposed to—the idea of integrating the  _________ into design practice”
  5. Read THIS ARTICLE  and fill in the blank for: “April Gemain was the first woman to design a commemorative _________ _______.” (two words) Which celebrated 75 years of  “_______  ________ _________.”(three words)
  6. Go to google images and type in the words April Gremain artwork. Or click the  link I’ve so nicely provided. Look at some of her work and then open up  the draw program of your choice and and do something in her style.  I would suggest one of the geometric pieces as being easiest.
  7. About how old is April Gremain?

There is 2 grades for the above assignment.  One is answering the questions and the other is doing some artwork in the style of April Gremain. 

Don’t forget to do the previous assignments(s) first, if you have not done them!  Just look below!

About how many class days are left to finish your assignments?


Ms. Avery did the nice one above.

For the week of 5.1-5.5 and probably a bit of 5.8 and onwards.

Click here for your next assignment, which will be to answer some questions about Hello Kitty, and do 4 drawings of any kind of cute kitty.

The piskel cat above was drawn by Jacob G. using the symmetry tool.

But basically, you are to draw 4 kitties in whatever draw/paint program you want and two kitties in piskel or any other 8/16 bit draw program of your choice.

Then after you’ve drawn the 6 images you are to put them all in one google doc. You can either go to insert image, web image function, or do a screenshot(save as a jpeg or gif) where you can import it into google docs and edit out everything on the sides, not essential to the image.

If you want to see an example of all the images in one doc: here is an example done by Ms. Kylie

Using a chrombook for graphic arts has hopefully been interesting for you this year, I know it has for me.  At this point you should be able to use 3 or 4 draw and paint programs specific to graphic arts on a chromebook along with using the built in google draw.


Your going to make a design using primary and complementary colors(Some would call them secondary)

  1. Go to piskel and divide the picture into three shape of approximately equal size.
  2. Inside of each shape place another shape  and fill it with the correct complementary color.
  3. Since the above should go quick, animate it.  Don’t use more than 10 frames.



At this time you should have  completed the (1)10 facts and 5 pics about Iwatani, (2)a walking person gif and an (3)eating or drinking(animal or person) gif, 10 facts and pic about Miyamoto, a drawing based upon the work of Miyamoto, a page of questions about the Angry Bird game, an animated design using one primary color and the associated complementary color, and the current assignment, listed above.

Click here for your next assignment, which will be to answer some questions about Hello Kitty, and do 4 drawings of any kind of cute kitty.


Assignment for the week of 4.18.17-4.21.17-Angry Birds

This article from The Guardian might be a good place to start reading first.

Please check your grade in Progress Book to make sure all of your assignments are in!  You should have completed, a walking gif, an eating gif, 10 fact about Iwatani, 10 facts about Miyamoto, and one animated gif of any character created by Iwatani. 


For the week of 4.3.17-4.7.17

You should have completed the (1)10 facts and 5 pics about Iwatani, (2)a walking person gif and an (3)eating or drinking(animal or person) gif.

Image result for miyamoto

The next assignment is to look at someone by the name of Shigeru Miyamoto. Same assignment as Mr. Iwatani:  do a google doc with 10 facts about Miyamoto and then find five pics of his work to add to the 10 facts.  When you’re doing an image search, look at some of Miyamoto’s sketchbooks, they’re pretty interesting.

The next pixel/gif to make is to use one of Mr. Miyamoto’s images and make your own gif.  You don’t have to copy, you could use Miyamoto’s work as a start point and make your own variation


Today(3.20.17) begins the next nine weeks!  You have today, if you’d like to check grades and get something else to me if you’d like to raise your grade.

Image result

That being said, Today assignment is to look up some information about Toru Iwatani.  Write down 10 facts about him and find 5 pieces of his art work and put the whole assignment into a google doc and call it Toru Iwatani.

Make sure you have finished the walking man assignment.  I am removing it from the last nine weeks and putting it on this nine weeks.  The legs must move/have some sort of walking motion. .

If you’re finished with the above, you can move onto the next assignment, which is to do a gif of at least 15 frames of someone eating and and chewing.

If you have any time, look up/do a google search for: Paul Robertson-pixel artwork.  His old stuff was drawn with equipment more primitive that what you have today and he did some wonderful work.  Pretty amazing stuff!


The end of the 9 weeks is almost here.  Make sure you check gradebook to see that you have the grade you want.

For the week of 3.13-3.17 you have 2 things to do. First,  I want you to open up a google doc and put all of the gifs you’ve done so far in one doc.  You can make them big on successive pages or you can size them small and put them on one page.  I’ll leave that up to you.  You’ll have to download each gif to the download folder then open that particular file up in google docs. If you have trouble, ask me or another student for specific instructions.

Second, You are to make a walking man or woman.  It could be a stick person at least 2 pixels wide and show his legs walking.  You should have a background of at least a sky and some sort of ground to get a “B”.  A nicer, more detailed(buildings, hills, trees, etc.) background to get an “A”.


For the week of 3.6-3-3.10 you are to make a pixel art that involves a moving spaceship in space.  You might have an alien, some fire, comets. planets, etc., but mostly show me you can make a moving spaceship in space.


This is the last week of February and you should be finishing or have finished a castle with some clouds moving across the sky.


Use the Piskel program to draw at least one simple car moving from one side of the frame to the other side of the frame.  You might want to draw a truck, van, or semi tractor, might be easier.  If you  have no ideas you could do a google image search for simple pixel cars and landscapes.   You should have something in the background, a simple city or some hills, trees, mountains, etc.  Plan on using at least 15 frames at a minimum.



If you’d like to see some nice pixel gifs go to GIPHY


To review, you should have finished a dragon, and it should be breathing fire. After that, you should construct another(or copy) another small dragon and it should sit on the bottom of the frame. You are to duplicate that frame and then add 3 clouds to it. m Duplicate that frame and then redraw the clouds but move them slightly to the left or right.  Repeat this process for at least 10 frames.  The idea here is to be able to depict movement by moving something in the background.

When this is finished you are to draw a castle.  Open up some reference tabs and get started!


Check all your assignments and the grades you have.  Make sure you’re happy with the grade you have and make sure I’ve given you the right grade for everything you’ve turned in.  There should never be any surprises.


First thing, week of February 6 and 13.  Open up 3 tabs.  Two of them should be a google images page, and the other, open up a tab for Piskel.  On one of the images tabs, so a search for simple dragon drawings and on the other a search for dragon pixel art.  What I want you to do today is draw a dragon using Piskel.  You don’t have to use use the image search tool, but I figure most people don’t naturally know how to draw a dragon, so use images if you have/want to.

tyler-1st-dragonOnce you’ve drawn a dragon, you’re going to figure out how to animate it.  Good luck!  If you’re totally confused and/or did not pay attention in class, go look up some tutorials on you tube for using Piskel.


The next assignment is to draw a self portrait using Piskel.  My suggestion is to take a picture with your chromebook, paste that into google draw, do simple lines on top of the photo and then redraw those into/onto piskel. can do it how you’d like.  The assignment is to draw a self-portrait using Piskel.  I’m just going to draw it and skip the photo.




Above is the first successful animated pixel artwork done by the class genius, otherwise known as Tyler R. M. , that’s Mr. Tyler for the rest of us.  Who else will join Mr. Tyler in the elite club of pixel animators?


So far you should have done a food drawing or 2,  10 facts about Raymond Loewy, 10 facts(and 4 questions) about Susan Kare. Then you should have done a drawing or 2 based upon the work of Susan Kare.

It should all be on one, growing google doc.


For Monday, January 30 and 31

Pixel and pixelate…what do they mean?  No really, what do they mean? Look  up both words and  put the answers on a google doc or write them down.  I will do a grade for these two questions on Wednesday.

Look at some of Susan Kares artwork, try another one or go to the next assignment:

When the first graphic designers worked with designing graphics for computer they were restricted by their tools.  The resolution they had to work with was limited which lead to a subject popular today which is called pixel art.



You seem pretty smart….let’s see if you can do this:

I took a selfie with the Chromebook and converted it to pixelated pic.  How did I do that?  Can you figure it out and do it yourself. There is more than one way.


You should be done with a quick study of Raymond Loewy. If not Scroll down and finish that before you do this.

But now we’re going to look at a more modern designer by the name of Susan Kare


Look up Ms. Kare and find 10 facts about her that apply to graphic design.  Like maybe, who’d she work for and what she is best known for.

Read the article on Lifehacker about Ms. Kare and answer the following questions:

1. Who is her graphics  hero?

2.What was one of her “favorite experiences”

3.Name her favorite gadgets.

4.What software tools does she work with mostly.

After you’ve done the above, open one of your programs, I’m going to suggest youidraw-logo creator and try drawing a variation of one of Ms. Kare’s icons or make up your own.


So…you’ve done some food drawings, now lets continue with yet another….

“Famous Designer of the Past”


I’d like you to look up the designer, Raymond Loewy, then find and write 10 facts about the man.  After that, write down 5 things he designed.  Notice the incredible range of what Mr. Loewy designed in his life and also notice that he was a new immigrant to the country.  He accomplished many things for a new guy just showing up to Ellis Island!


So….a new 9 weeks has begun

The first assignment is to draw some food.  You might want to open up google images and do a search for “graphic designs for food” or “simple food drawings” or if you want to pick a specific food, try that.


One more weekend to get work in if you want a better grade!

If you have any questions/ come during hive or stay after any night you’d like, I will help you achieve the grade you want.  Check grade book to make sure I’ve graded all of your work and make sure you’re happy with the grade posted!

WELCOME TO 2017! TWO MORE WEEKS UNTIL I TURN IN GRADES.  Make sure you have shown me all the previous assignments, check your grades!

I’m going to ask to see the google doc of all your assignments.  You should have that tab up. I’m putting a 0 in the grade book if you can’t show it to me!  

peyton-b-pixar-copyThe above illustration was done by Ms. Peyton B. using google draw.   She did a great job exploiting google draw and what it can do.

Today’s assignment is to look up and write down 10 facts about the graphic design studio called Pixar.

Some suggested facts you can look up  are below, but you could do other facts too!

How much money did Pixar make last year?

How many people work for Pixar

How many movies has Pixar made?

Who started Pixar?

If you have ear buds with you:

Nice vid on some basic history of Pixar

101 facts, that should be enough


It’s  December!!!

Today, 11.30.16, you need to make sure all of what you’ve created so far in Graphic Arts is in one folder marked Graphic Arts.  Then you’re going to go to google docs, create a new doc called Graphic Arts up through 11.30.16 and then copy and paste every picture you’ve made in graphic arts into one long doc.

Pasting from google draw to google doc is different than the usual copy/paste: Read This

…and we still have work to do.  We’ve moved on to using Sumopaint and we’re going to try a few tutorials.  I want you to watch the tutorials below and try the project they are doing.  You’ll have to stop and start the vid and you ‘ll need nearbuds in for the vids below:

How to draw/paint fruit

Now try the night sky/space picture

Then you can try the bubble/orb painting/drawing

You should have installed sumopaint as an extension and the icon to take you to sumopaint should be on the upper right hand side of your chrome window. If you have not done this go to HERE.

Short vid on how to save with sumopaint.

Another site explaining how to save using sumo paint

pdf of edit and save function in sumopaint


Week of November 14-18

After you’ve done your logo I’d like everybody to go onto the vid that describes how to make a flower.  Watch it and do the exercise.  How to use the line/vector tool  is what I’m wanting all to understand.


You should be working on your own personal logo.  It will have some letters and an image.  You can do more than one or spend a lot of time on doing one, that’s up to you.

A new 9 weeks grading period has just begun.  You have two assignments entered into the gradebook so far with one more on the way soon.

If you’re intereseted in what comes next, look at the site: Illustratione/inspiration.  I’d like you to find one illustration you like and do something based  on it.  You do not have to copy it!  Just use the illustration you like as a jumnping off place.  You can use either youidraw, google draw or sumopaint.


Week November 7-11

Please watch THIS VID.  It talks about using a different component of youidraw to make a logo.  You’ll have to have a few tabs open and  start and stop a lot, but the guy’s process and use of youidraw  in copying the twitter logo is very instructive.

Don’t watch the whole thing, just watch up to 2:40 or so and try the the exercise!

I want you to follow along and try all the instructor is doing.

You’ll have to open up Youidraw and go to the center blue button and click logo creator.  Follw the vids instructions and make a page of clouds and add some color.  Save your page of clouds.

Go slow and follow his instructions exactly.  If you want to change the twitter logo to something else birdlike, go ahead, but be forewarned if will be difficult and you’ll be more on your own.

I would expect you take the full class time the first time you watch, just to work through the project(s) up to 2:40


October 24, 2016

We are at the end of this quarter.  You need to go check your grades and make sure you have turned everything in and you’re happy with your final grade!  If you are not, you need to tell me!  If you’re missing something, it won’t count against you, but it could certainly help to raise your grade.  Contact me if you have any concerns or questions!

Starting the week of October 17

You should have completed the tutorial about making a cartoon human figure by now. The title was “using simple shapes in youidraw”  After you’re done with that you should go .  It will walk you through some steps to create a mountain scene, with some color in it.  You can change and alter the shapes, if you’d like, but, pretty much, try to adhere to the steps shown in the tutorial.


By now you should have a folder for all your graphic arts work when using a chromebook.  In that folder you should have created another folder for  art work up through 9.22.23. I have started going around asking to see your work up through the above date.  Your grade is based upon how much you have done, did it follow the assignments instructions, and have you spent your time wisely.

Basically the assignments are:

1.The  first drawing based upon the YouTube video.  A lot of people did a heart with a background

2. The 2nd drawing.

3. The illustrated report on a graphic designer.

4. The outdoor landscape with something natural and something man made.  A lot of people did a house with a tree.

5. The sci fi landscape.

6. An isometric/geometric drawing made on the Illuminations.nctm site that has been pasted into google draw.

In addition to using google draw we’re going to be branching out and using a few other programs for Graphic Arts:

Some links so far:\  Omar just showed this to me, I have not tried it yet, but it looks useful


We’re going to try drawing a face using google draw using your chromebook: You’ll need a photo and you’re basically going to trace it.  Here’s a few vids from YouTube to get you started:

The vid above is using a photo of Justin Timberlake.  I don’t want you to do that. I want you to use the idea to do your own face.

The one above shows how to use your own face.  There are other ways of doing this, so feel free to experiment!


This year we are going to be using a chromebook for graphic arts.  Using google draw is an obvious choice for starting a graphic art project using a chormebook, but many differnt apps/programs exist to do graphic arts on a chromebook.

In class your are to start reading  some tutorial links for using youidraw.  You can start the first  project/assignment right here



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