Some Recent Paper Mache


Below is a collection of 6th, 7th and 8th grade paper mache.  I have not edited the photos completely and I probably need to add some more text.  But some students wanted to see the pictures, so here they are:


DSCN6379Great job on the Suessical imagery!


DSCN6375 DSCN6376 DSCN6377 DSCN6389 DSCN6390 DSCN6391 DSCN6392 DSCN6381
DSCN6383Good shot of 5 completed paper mache masks.  A high degree of finish at this table.


DSCN6384Here’s  an intelligent, motivated student He wanted to make a bank instead of a mask.  I try to stay out of the way when a student comes up with their own idea.


DSCN6386This mask has to win the award for creepiest!  I told him to put it on his bedroom door at home, if he does not want anyone to come in!  The green yarn  hair really makes it better.

DSCN6387Almost a see no evil, hear no evil set of monkeys!



DSCN6322Always the thoughtful one, here the Chandler contemplates how many ways he hates his art teacher.


DSCN6324 DSCN6317I cannot remember why Ms. Pike felt the need to strike a pose here, I’m sure she has her reasons.



DSCN6320Mr. Christian eventually turned this into Squidward, a Spongebob character


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