Repeated Designs

As a class we do repeated design every year.

DSCN5841Another great design from a 3rd grade student!

DSCN5780There are lots of concepts and vocabulary words you can bring into the process of creating repeated designs.

DSCN5777Words like: random, orderly, overlap, no-overlap, contrast, edge, middle, composition, border, frame, organic, geometric, figurative, abstract, etc.

DSCN5787The one above by Ms. Allison took quite a bit of time.

DSCN5786As did the one by Mr. Brennan P. in 6th grade.  Here  he’s not quite done.

DSCN5784A first grader interprets the assignment in one way and in this example I would have quizzed him about organic/geometric…

DSCN5783And the student above I would have asked,  “is it a random or orderly design?”

DSCN5782She’s just getting started here, but what a smile!

DSCN5781A nice orderly design with a border/frame

DSCN5779A nice orderly design, 2nd grade I believe.

DSCN5794The finished piece by Brennan P.

DSCN5789Just getting started on color….

DSCN5793And here, it’s done, another nice random design, I believe a 6th grader.

DSCN5792Floral motifs are always popular points to begin a design

DSCN5805An orderly design based upon a rabbit. I would have quizzed the student to make sure she knew if it was a random or and orderly design.  It came out very nice.





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