Still Life With Flowers


Painting and drawing still lifes would not have happened without Abby Miller’s mother, who is a manager at Meijer. She not only answered my e-mial request for a donation but she also delivered them twice!

DSCN4944Painting still lifes is nothing but bliss in my classroom!

I love the above picture.  She was so happy painting, so many kids are. It’s truly a privilege to get to do this kind of thing with so many nice students.


Pretty much the look of the classroom for painting still lifes. I push all the tables together and run the subject matter down the middle.


Another happily completed still life.  The problem with the younger ones is catching them before they stir and paint it into oblivion.   They are more into the process of painting and less into the actual finished product.


He might look a little pensive but he was totally into painting the still life with flowers.


She was particularly proud of the vase, as I recall.


It generally starts like this.  I try to get the students’ to do a light pencil sketch before they grab the paint.


But for the younger set the whole idea of planning and doing a light sketch will not happen.  They know what they want and jump right in.


This picture cracks me up!  He listened intently to my instructions, looked carefully at the flowers on the table and then drew some sort of monster figure.



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