Big Heads

I’m still adding photos, but so far……

sam9.11.14Sam P. in full stalking mode

In 7th grade my students make paper mache bowls and in 8th grade we grow the project a little to make great big heads.  I have the students do some research about masks in different cultures, but the students really just kind of go off on there own and create there own ideas of what they want in a mask.

mixed 9.11.14 071This is how the big head project started. I had some big balloons and had my students blow them up.  Weirdly only a few popped, I expected more.

DSCN3954The g-man painting up the big head.  He always too happy. I tell him to stop being happy, he just does not listen to me.

DSCN3959We did a lot of painting.

DSCN3973Great mustache!

DSCN3983Ms. K models the mouse.

DSCN3988The room looked like this a lot.

DSCN4044 DSCN4045Here’s a few shots of Christians head on and off.  He did a great job finishing!

DSCN3957This one, I think by Miss Page, has some great 3-d additions to the big round head she started with.


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