Alec Draws a Dog



This is how it started.  Alec had a dog he loved die and he wanted to draw  a picture of  the dog to give to the owner.  I explained the process, and how long it would take. He possessed the desire, seemed committed to the process, and was willing to do the work .  So I agreed to give him a hand.  We worked on it during lunch recess for about 3 weeks or so.  He’s probably got 15+ hours in it.


Alec’s Story About Jesse

DSCN3302This is the starting point.  He had a photo he wanted to copy from and we did various color and black and white sketches along with enlarging, tracing, and generally composing the drawing.

DSCN3303An early black and white sketch.

DSCN3305A small sketch and color study, before the big one was attempted.



DSCN3111In the above shots you can see Alec just staring to lightly color in the final pencil sketch.



DSCN3184In these 3 shots above you can see the drawing starting to come together.  Alec was lightly filling in color.



DSCN3293In these shots Alec is going over the drawing making all the colors a bit darker and more vivid.

DSCN3300Here is the final piece.  It was great fun for me to see Alec work through the process of drawing such a nice finished drawing.  If there is anything I would want him, or any other student to realize, is sometimes making art is nothing more than committing to the required work, following through, and not giving up until you reach your desired goal.

I think we both had a great time.


Alec’s Story About Jesse

    Hi, my name is Alec P.  I had a dog named Jesse. He was a really good dog to me.  He was in my heart all the time.  When he passed away I thought I was going to be sick.  Jess was a championship dog.  Why I said that is because he was show dog.  He won lots of shows he went into.  Tim S. was the owner of Jess.  My dad lived next to him for a lot of years.  I went to Tim’s house about every weekend to play and practice with Jesse because we had shows to do.  Now I think you can tell that I loved Jesse my dog.




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