Paper Mache 7th and 8th Grades

A new quarter began and the 7th and 8th grades first did some designing and making of clay cups with handles and then we plunged into making  paper mache bowls.  I hope they are having as much fun as I am.  Another great group of students to work with!

all pictures 3.21 092Not a very complex process.  The students ripped paper into strips and then drape them over a bowl form.


all pictures 3.21 093Here Korry and Brandon P. are working on their bowls.


all pictures 3.21 096Here are the strips ripped up and ready to be applied to the bowl.



all pictures 3.21 098Here is  a shot of trimming the bowl before the edge is worked into a finished state.


all pictures 3.21 100Ripping and dipping paper and slowly a bowl will appear.


all pictures 3.21 101Another action shot, I believe this is Ms. Kelie C. working on her bowl.


all pictures 3.21 102


Another action shot of bowls being assembled.  Usually safety glasses are not required for paper mache, but this particular student was taking no chances!

all pictures 3.21 103I said I’d put this picture in, here it is!


all pictures 3.21 081More bowl assembly.


all pictures 3.21 083I believe this is Klaudia and Anna working on their bowls.


all pictures 3.21 084Sam works very carefully and his bowl is looking very tight.

all pictures 3.21 085John and Alex working on bowls.


all pictures 3.21 087Blanca and Caitlyn are doing a great job with their bowls.


all pictures 3.21 089Emma and Layla doing some final assembly.


all pictures 3.21 090the decorative headgear and safety glasses crack me up  Nothing but  great groups of students to work with this year.



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