7th and 8th, Spring 2014

I include this post as an example of what was done the previous year, for anybody that is curious/anxious as to what could happen in art class this year.  I’m always trying to change things up a bit, though.


The end of the quarter is here!  You should know your grade at this point.  If you have any questions or want a particular grade, and/or, want to improve your grade, you need to see me. EXTRA CREDIT IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE-SEE ME FOR DETAILS.

and now, onto the exam

The high lighted text above and below  takes you to a google doc detailing all of the requirements and timeline of the exam.  Basically, you are going to the computer lab and doing  quick research on a particular artist, artistic style,  or “isim” for about 45+ minutes.

You will write down 20 facts, in full sentences, about this subject, make some sketches and then we will head  back to the art room where you will make something based upon the artist or artistic style you are writing about.

No sculptural stuff unless you have picked you subject before.  Think flat, drawn work, you will not have a lot of time.


By this time you should have turned in all the kitchen drawings(3 of them) and one kitchen floorplan, with measurements.

You should also have turned in and/or shown me(and probably have taken home by now) your: paper mache project, clay cup, all of your paper geometric solids, 7 shapes, 3 shape combination, 7 shape combination drawing, small drawing with everyday objects, large drawing with everyday object, and probably something else I’m not remembering right now.

You might be finishing one of the above, and that’s fine too.


Home work due April 7th for 7th and 8th grade

The above is a link to a google doc version of the homework.


Homework for 3.3.14


Some of you have attempted doing the cone and had difficulty and asked about how to make the cone.  Many just made a paper cone and trimmed it to fit, which is fine, but here’s the math:

Cone Construction: page 1

Cone Construction: page 2



Homework for 2.24.14


Homework for 2.14.14

7th and 8th grade homework Due 2.18.14

You’ve drawn floor plans of your kitchen and bedroom.  Some looked very good, some looked like they were done while walking to class. This week you are to draw one section of your kitchen, maybe the stove and countertop, maybe the kitchen table with something on it, it’s up to you.  Ms. Derr in the past has taught you how to use perspective to represent objects in 3 dimensions, so this weekend try to remember and use perspective to draw some part of your kitchen.  Grades will be determined by the objects included and the neatness of the work.


Constructing 3-D Geometric Solids                                                               2.13.2014

In this project you will be cutting and folding paper(which is 2-D:two dimensional) into 3-D(three dimensional) solids. You’ll sometimes hear the name Platonic solid, which refers to Plato, the great Greek philosopher.  If you remember your 4th and 5th grade, ODE assessments refers to this as “nets”

Your first assignment is to draw, using a ruler, scissors, glue, and /or tape for nets for the above figures and then fold them into solids.  Grade to be determined by neatness, using a ruler, and proper completion. Don’t forget your name, fold lines so they go to the inside, measure twice:cut once, use glue sparingly, move slowly, and concentrate.  You can always look up the night before and print off various websites the nets you require to make the solids in this assignment. This will not be allowed in class.

The next figures you will be constructing will be a triangular prism, rectangular prism,  pyramid, cylinder, any solid of your choice, and one solid that has attached/drawn and colored details that represents an actual object.  As an example, you could construct a small chair or couch.  Some other figures will be added.


If you want to keep track of each solid assigned:

Checklist for Geometric Solids

1. Cube

2. Rectangular solid

3. Triangular pyramid(3 sides)

4. Square pyramid(4 sides)

5. Cylinder

6. Triangular pyramid

7. Any letter(not I)

 8. Any other geometric solid of your choice.

9. One solid that has attached/drawn and colored details that represents an actual object.


Homework for Febuary 10th, 8th grade

Bowl Project

By now your bowl should be fairly close to being done.  If it is not, you can stay after any day of the week to finish.  I have bus passes in the room, you can call from my room to let your parents know you’re riding the elementary bus.

The inside and/or the outside of your bowl is to be decorated with some designs you have borrowed from another culture.

Before you decorate your bowl,

1. You are to look up a past civilization/culture that you find interesting. Suggestions are listed below.

2. Do simple sketches based upon the imagery of that culture that you think might be appropriate to paint on your bowl. You’ll need to bring these to class next Monday, February 10th.  This is your homework.  Bring in sketches of what is to be drawn on your bowl. If you do it in class today and bring it with you Monday you have no homework and yet you will get an “A” for your homework grade.

3. Write down 10 simple facts about your choice of culture(s). location, time period.

You can choose any culture you’d like to represent, but here are a few popular ones that come to mind that might adapt easily to your bowl:

Mayan, Incan, Egyptian, Olmec, Hopewell, Pre-Colombian, Navajo, Zulu, Ashanti, Swahili, Hopewell, Berber, Chinese(Mandarin or Cantonese), Japanese and many others.

A suggestion, pick simple imagery, it will be easier to draw on your bowl.


Homework for January 28, 2014

download (1)

Homework assignment due January 28th, 2014, that would be next Tuesday

Very much like last weeks assignment.  Same idea, measure out your kitchen, then place and label shapes representing: table(s), chairs, stove, refrigerator, etc.  You’ll draw walls, windows, and door(s) and place everything where they belong.  Grades will be based on:

1.  Inclusion of measurements-30%

2.  Inclusion of walls, windows, and doors-30%

3.  Inclusion of appliances-30%

4.  Using ruler-10%

If you have any questions, e-mail me at: mr.tayse@gmail.com or call my cell at 440.749.7867.


Homework for Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The drawing above is similar to what you should be drawing, but without any measurements and it’s drawn professionally.

Homework assignment due January 21, 2014-That would be Tuesday

Drawing can be done for many reasons, we’ve talked about this. This weekend you’re doing architectural drawing.  Over the weekend you will draw a plan of what your bedroom looks like from above. You’ll measure and draw walls then measure, label, and  arrange the furniture and accessories where they belong.  You are to use simple box shapes with labels to show what is what. Don’t forget to show where the doors and windows are. Do not make this complicated!  If it takes more than ½ hour to measure and make a crude drawing of your bedroom you are probably working and thinking to hard.

Below is a crude, quick drawing of my bedroom.  I don’t want you to spend a lot of time.  Just do the measurements and make a quick sketch putting everything where it belongs.

edite floorplan

As usual,  If you have any questions, e-mail me at mr.tayse@gmail.com or text me at 440.749.7867.  I’ll be busy/working over the weekend, so it may not be an immediate reply.

Short, printable google docs version of the above


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