Boxes and Cylinders

To draw a box….

The pictures below are shots of some of my students struggling to make something that looks like something. At a certain age students really want to get it right and be able to depict and draw something that looks right.  Whatever that means.  I start out by showing them how to draw simple cubes, cylinders, and then eventually how to stack them up.

The ones above are pretty good examples of stacking boxes.  It’s harder than it looks.  They are not drawing from life, but instead using a program of instructions that enable them to draw the boxes.  I ran into this book called Mark Kistlers Draw Squad a while back and most of what I’m teaching comes from there.

The hard thing to do is to get them to make stuff with the boxes.  You can start to see the box shape being utilized above to make buildings. Then we work on cylinders and try to make them into robots.

I like the way he’s flying into the clouds, not sure why he’s angry though.

Great spikey shoes!

I’m thinking this was drawn by…….I like the way he’s holding the sign.

A painted up robot, great jet pack on his back.

The cat robot totally cracked me up.  The artist started using the box and cylinder concepts to come up with her own stuff.

A great robot and dog combo with a birthday cake.

A nicely painted up robot on top of the world.


It is Zog, look at him and despair pitiful earth creatures!


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