Autumn Trees

This is a lesson that applies in different ways to all grade levels.  In the younger grades we talk about the concept of seasons, what season we are in and what color trees are in summer and in the fall.

With the older students we talk about painters, painting, and I mention the word impressionism.

If I wanted to use The ODE standards to justify the lesson I could use:

Observe a variety of artworks noticing details, themes and ideas and group them into groups and categories.

Demonstrate increasing skill and craft in the use of art tools and
materials with attention to their diverse qualities.

patterns and categories.

But mostly, it’s about painting.

Here is a first graders’ interpretation of fall trees, look how active it is!

This is a young painter in action….introspective and the eyes and hands are moving.

Everybody likes painting.

More great work from another proud student.

I like the way she encircled the tree with the leaves, a great design.  Most students come pre-wired with a sense of design, they just need an outlet to express it.

His fall leaf painting involved a wind storm.  Another very active painting.

Some great work out of a middle school child.


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