Random and Orderly Design

The next two posts cover various elements of design.  The words are on the wall and all of the projects are intended to teach vocabulary words and design concepts.  On both sides of my room I have  a crudely drawn word jar.  If all goes well my students will be able to define and use these words along with doing drawing(s) that demonstrate their knowledge of these words and concepts.

You can see the words/concepts I’m trying to teach.  They fit into, and teach towards various standards in the ODE Standards for the Visual Arts

I pass out or have the older students cut out shapes. They trace the shapes all over the paper, or in nice neat rows, to illustrate whatever term they have chosen to illustrate.

It’s hard to read here, but the young student has composed a random design and written the word out on the lower right.  Success!

Here you can see a student has composed an orderly design and has labeled it correctly. Now she has to color it.

Here a neatly colored random overlapped design is being worked on.  It came out real nice.  The picture below is the design finished.  It’s purple, really, in the above photo, I did not do something right.

This is a very nice piece that my photography skills do not do justice to, suffice to say, it looks better in real life!

Younger students may lack the fine motor skills of the the older students, but they can still learn the vocabulary words and be able to illustrate their understanding of the concepts with paper, pencil, and crayon.

He did a great job on the overlapped, random design.

Another overlapped, random design.  I told the student to look studious, knowing he would make a funny face.   Worked great, didn’t it?

It’s a very simple project.  I do it to teach the concepts/words, random, orderly, overlap, design,  and picture. It’s lot of fun for myself and my students.

Perfect!  The design is neatly done and the correct words are used, a job well done.


All of the above is done in the art room, at Believe to Achieve Academy in Canton, Ohio.  The principal is Ms. L. Henry, the art teacher is Mr. Tayse.


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