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This is a site recording what I’m doing and what I have done in teaching my art classes.  Some of the stuff below is from classes I’ve taught in the past year or so, I’m leaving it on to show what I have done and for general information purposes.

I’m currently teaching at Believe to Achieve Academy in Canton, Ohio!  Seems nice.  Newly rehabbed building in which I have my own sink, cabinets, lots of materials and wonderful group of students and staff to work with.

I’m looking forward to a great year and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: miketayse@gmail.com

2012-2013 school calender


If your hear looking for information about jewelry class, it’s currently running on Saturdays.  If you’d like to stop by to see the class and ask questions before you actually sign up please feel free to stop by.  Calling me at 440.749.7867 or contacting me at miketayse@gmail.com would probably make sense, just to confirm schedule and location.


LCCC Arts/Crafts?Education Classes

This class is intended primarily  for individuals  studying to be teachers and other interested arts students.  In this class you’ll be learning various arts and crafts useful in the K-12 classroom and learning to write lesson plans that utilize ODE curriculum particular to your field of study.


If you have misplaced your copy here is a link to a google docs version.




If you come every day, do all the projects, and turn everything in on time your final grade has to at least be a “B”  If you turn in high quality work, and by that I mean, follow all the lesson plan writing guidelines, no mistakes, come every day on time, do a final project where everybody and myself in class says, “Wow! and in general, give everything your best shot, you have a good chance of getting an “A” .  If you are very concerned with your final grade, I keep a running record in the grade book and can give you a grade, up to any point, in the semester.  Don’t forget, your final project is worth 25% of your overall grade, so you could, potentially do a bad job on that and really hurt your predicted grade, but I’ve never really seen that happen.

Show up every day, on time, stay for the whole class, turn in quality work, on time, and you will do fine.

You can turn in any project ahead of time and I will go over it and help you to make it “A” work.   I want everybody to be successful.  You can talk to me, call me, text me, or e-mail me at any time.  I put contact info on the syllabus and at the bottom of every webpage.

There should never be any reason  to have an unanswered question about this class.


Lesson Plan Guidelines

Lesson plans are due throughout the next few months.  There are lots of different formats for doing lesson plans.  Below, I’ve listed the basics of what a lesson plan should include. Don’t forget that every lesson plan for this class needs to include some sort of project to help get across your lesson plan’s objective.  I can show you examples or you can see student examples on this website.  Call me, text me, or e-mail me if you need help making a lesson plan.  You need to:

1. Pick an age or ability level.

2. Pick something specific to teach that ODE says is appropriate at
that age. Quote the actual benchmark/objective you will be teaching.  If you need help with the ODE website, let me know.

3. Come up with a project your intended students could do that would help them to understand and achieve your stated objective.

4. Estimate the time needed and materials necessary to be on hand.

5. Tell the procedure of how you will teach the lesson.  You can
write it in paragraph form or do it step by step.

6. Tell how you will evaluate and assess the lesson concerning how well your students learned the stated objective of the lesson.

7.  The format should make sense, have no spelling or  language errors, and it should look neat and as professional as you can make it.

Below are some helpful links for understanding what the state of Ohio wants to be taught in each grade level.

ODE Content Standards


ODE also has a small booklet that you can print out that is intended to give parents an overview of all things to be covered in every particular grade. I print this out and give it to parents.

    ODE Standards Booklet


The next link takes you to practice tests for various grades.  If you look at the questions being asked they can give you and idea as to what ODE is thinking about putting on tests:

ODE Practice Tests


The next link is is to released test materials, by that,  ODE means tests they’ve archived and used in the past.  I think it’s just called:

ODE Released Tests


Spider and web snowflake from the Nightmare Before Christmas



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