Ms. Sarah,

started weaving one day and created,



I’m not a very enthusiastic weaver and I’m glad I did not communicate the fact to Ms. Sarah, who did a great job on the small, stitched and folded-over bag.  That being said I’ve never went a year teaching where I did not teach it.  There are lots of words and concepts that can be covered using weaving, from math to social studies.  Warp, weft, alternate, up, down, etc., are just a few that come to mind.  I’ve taught it to kindergarten age students through adult, and all ages in between.

It starts out pretty simply, you cut some slots in some cardboard and work the string back and fourth.  This step is called creating a warp.  You can do this on a wood frame or a real loom also, but cardboard is easy to get a hold of and good enough for a first experience for most students.

Here you can see a student(Meisha) just getting started.

Here she is just a little further along.

A couple more student examples.

A nicely finished sample piece, destined to be a rug for a Barbie doll house, I believe.

Just a group shot of everybody weaving.  Just like quilting, it gives people a reason to sit and talk to each other.

The above is some macrame being done.  I teach that usually around the same time.  It was real popular in the 70’s, less so now. You can add beads and make nice bracelets, chokers, and items like that.  I didn’t get many good pictures of  the process though.


One response to “Weaving

  1. Love the idea of the kids making their own looms! You are SO creative and a true blessing to the educational system. You have fun…. they have fun…. a win-win in many ways! Keep up the great work, Mr. Tayse!!!

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