Jewelry Making

This is one of my more  favorite things to teach.  It’s makes for a busy class because there are always a lot of questions. Teaching how to cut with a jewelers saw, fix broken blades(there are always a lot), light a torch, silver solder, file, and buff to a high shine takes some time.  But everybody always has a good time, I think.

Just getting started, it sounds just like Santa’s workshop!

Ms. Kelsey is just getting started sawing, looks like some pretty intense concentration!

It looks like Ms. Alyssa is measuring up to make a ring.

I believe this is Ms. Catherine filing the edge of a ring she is making.

The torch is in Michael’s hands and things seem to be going well!

Safdar  seems to be busy cutting out a ring here.

Michael is cutting out ring number 3,  I believe.

Here you can see a shot of Michael using pliers to form and close up a ring.

Ms. Suzanne is carefully using the sparker to ignite the torch for Michael-great teamwork!  So far, no accidents.

Ms. Sarah is attempting to cut the shape of a ribbon out.  She was getting frustrated, but she stuck it out.  It will be great to see how it works out.

Ms. Meisha is using a torch to solder a ring band.


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