Bracelet Making and Suzanne Makes a Ring

I had some square nickel silver wire(about 2mm) and Ms. Meisha and Ms. Alyssa twisted the wired up, sized it for their respective wrists, bent and hammered it into a circle, soldered it, and then buffed it to a nice shine.  The bracelets came out real nice. Now I need to buy some more wire.

The video below is a just students twisting up square wire for the making of the bracelets and rings.

The pictures below are from the process.

This is after the wire was twisted up and removed from the pliers.

This is a close up shot of the twisted up wire that was made into rings and bracelets.

Here Meisha is annealing the twisted up square wire to make it soft enough to bend into a nice circle.

Here you can see the twisted up wire straight and bent into a circle, prior to silver soldering.

In the two above shots you can see a bracelet being soldered together and it being held up after the soldering.

A quick trip around the buffing process and…

Now it’s Shiny!

Another bracelet, Ms. Suzanne’s, I believe.

Not a real good picture, but Michael took some of the twisted up square and formed some finger rings, they came out very nicely!

Ms. Suzanne has already measured up for the right size, drawn it on the metal, and here she is sawing it.  I believe her blade breaking days are behind her.

Here the ring is being held in position with the tweezers and Ms. Suzanne is soldering, I’m not helping her at all, I’m taking pictures!

Buffed up, nice and shiny, and it fits! Great job!


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