We started out today doing clay.  No real big direction from me. I demoed coil building, pinch pots, rolled out some slabs, made a penguin and in general, rolled, pinched, and cajoled clay into shapes and tried to encourage others to give the material of clay a chance.

So far, so good…hands are in motion and the creative process has begun.

Ms. Sarah would would eventually grow her clay into…


Great job on the penguin, Ms. Suzanne

One of my students  finds the glazing process quite stressful or is in the witness protection program.   I need to check the class roster.

I believe this is Ms. Kelsey’s work and she does not even like clay!

Glazing the tiles from a past class.  I thought the colors looked nice with her sweater.

These shots are a small head I made from my pinch pot.

Mr. Michael made a turtle.


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